Just about everyone loves fortune cookies so the fortune cookie date is ideal for most couples. Opening the crinkly package, cracking the crispy cookie in half, extracting the little strip of paper with what is very loosely called a “fortune,” and then popping the sweet goodie into your mouth is the perfect end to a great Chinese dinner. But for the true romantic, the fortune cookie presents a possibility: what if you could insert your own romantic, sexy, personal message into a fortune cookie, and get your lover to open it?

With modern technology and a little ingenuity you can have these little desserts made with your very own message tucked away inside. Then, you have your waiter at the Chinese restaurant of your choice make sure that your date gets the one of a kind cookie or cookies on his or her plate. Imagine the look of surprise and delight on his or her face when he or she sees the personalized message and realizes that you have actually been able to get a personal communication into a Chinese fortune cookie. And the message is personalized, so a creative person could do just about anything with such a romantic method.

Fortune Cookie Date – Story from a reader

The reason I write about this is because I received a great real life story from one of my readers who explained how he surprised his girlfriend with this very idead. Take it away Bill!

“A romantic trip around Chinatown is in your future.” This was the first message that I decided to put in my personalized fortune cookies. I live in Oakland, and met and fell in love with Betty just a few short months ago. Just recently we had a special date planned in San Francisco. We both love authentic Chinese food, and so I had hatched a plan to not only impress her with my creativity, but to let her know just how I was feeling about her. I had stumbled upon a story on the Internet about how you could order fortune cookies with personalized messages inside. So I thought that, given our predilection for Oriental cuisine, that would make a perfect evening in the city.

“Rickshaws are too old-fashioned,” was another message I had printed. I could have up to 5 messages printed on a minimum order, so I figured I could have 3 spread out among the order and have Betty open several until she had gotten all of them. The 3rd message was, “A pedicab ride with someone who loves you is right around the corner.” Opening any of these messages in any order would get my point across: that I loved her, and had planned a really special night for us.

Since there are dozens of places to choose from in Chinatown, I made reservations at one where I knew the waiters by name and knew they would cooperate with my plan. I had a pocketful of my personalized fortune cookies with me when we arrived at the restaurant. I had arranged earlier for a pedicab to pick us up on the corner and to take us on a tour of Chinatown. All that was left was to enjoy the evening – and the look on Betty’s face when she saw what I had done!

We had a great meal, and the waiter brought the fortune cookies with the bill, as usual. But instead of leaving just one cookie, he put a pile of them on her place mat. I suggested she better see what lay in her future, and, fortunately, the 3 personalized messages were in the first 5 cookies she opened. We rode around Chinatown in style, and we are still living with good fortune, in love, and happy in the extreme so I can’t recommend this idea enough. It certainly helped make for a special evening.


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