Why Men Pull Away – There are numerous times when a woman thinks that a relationship is going well only to be faced with the problem of her man pulling away from her emotionally or physically. You should also read the guide on how to get my ex back.

It is common that most women will then try to look at themselves as the cause of the problem or in some cases, quickly jump to the conclusion that their man is having an affair.

Although some women may be right, it is important that you take the time to review all the reasons as to why men pull away before settling on the conclusion that they are the problem or that it is a cause to believe the man is having an affair.

Why Men Pull Away Top 7 rationales explaining why men pull away

Lack of personal space or time Men and women are generally wired very differently. What a woman may consider to be the perfect relationship may be viewed as smothering and suffocating by a man. Many women love to spend most, if not all, of their time with their spouses leaving very little time for each partner to pursue their personal interests.

This is a key motivation and explains why men pull away. Not only does spending too much time together make the man feel smothered, but also works against the relationship by making him feel bored due to the monotony of activities and company.

A little space is always healthy and as the saying goes absence makes the heart grow fonder.Fight or flight defense mechanism In order for any relationship to be successful, it is important that both parties involved have relationship skills. These skills enable one to understand the attention as well as the effort that is required to make the relationship work.

Why Men Pull Away – Keep It Clear

When men realize that they do not know what is expected of them in a relationship, they tend to react in the same manner: they pull away. In these instances, the central explanation as to why men pull away is that they are scared of making a wrong move in the relationship.

Men compartmentalize Most women deal with their problems by sharing and talking to those close to them in a bid to try finding a solution for their problem. Unlike women, men tend to compartmentalize.

Men retreat into themselves and keep their problems to themselves. Compartmentalizing is both emotionally as well as mentally consuming and is known to be the origin that explains why men pull away in a relationship. He is simply not your boyfriend In some cases, women jump the gun and assume that they are in a relationship with someone simply because they have gone out on a few dates.

This is the most common explanation as to why men pull away. The moment a woman begins to act the part of “girlfriend” the man pulls away as a way of showing the woman that he is not interested in being in a relationship and that he is not ready to commit to them.

Feelings of inadequacy Tradition dictates that it is the duty of the man to provide for his family and spouse. This has put tremendous pressure on men to work as hard as they can in order to offer financial stability for their family or spouse.

This pressure has led to many men putting in more time at their workplace in order to advance their careers and tend to neglect putting in more effort in their relationships. It is common knowledge that all “workaholics” pull away, especially physically, from a relationship in order to focus on their careers and work.

He wants to break up with you but does not want to hurt your feelings There are some men who will never break up with a woman directly. Whenever these kinds of men want to break up, they pull away from their partners in the hope that their partner will get tired of the behavior and break up with them instead.

The sexual attraction he had toward you is fading Many women have the tendency to neglect looking good for their partners after they have entered into a serious relationship. It is a common mistake numerous women make and is one of the key grounds explaining why men pull away.

Why Men Pull Away – Men are visual

In order to “keep the fire burning” it is imperative that the woman makes the effort of looking good for her man. In conclusion, there are numerous explanations as to why men pull away from relationships.

When a man pulls away from you, it does not necessarily mean that he is having an affair or that you have done something wrong. It may simply mean that he is feeling a lot of pressure or has a problem that he is trying to solve on his own and it is best to give him some time to do so.

However, it is important that you question his behavior if he continues to pull away for a prolonged period of time.


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