Men and Women are two eminent pillars of life. However, the thinking and psychology of both of them differ. Women are more of loving and sensitive nature while men prefer more about their status. To present themselves, high class, they buy all kind of expensive stuff and remain up to date. This is mere displaying of the personality which actual they are not. Such men are greedy for trophies in their life. They want women who stand out in all aspects and provide him the required attention. Thus, the term Trophy Wife came into being.

You might have heard regarding the term Trophy Wife, even if you have let me tell you. Trophy Wives are the arm candies of not so similar looking men. Yes, you might have come across sexy and hot model looking women holding arms of a man who is much inferior to her looks. However, this is what it is meant to be, the status and recognition symbol. Wife is the partner for life and is the first step to name and fame in the world.

Trophy Wife is kind of accessory of a man whom he would always want to wear or showcase to the public because of its esteemed value. Well, on second thoughts if such opportunity is given to any of these men, they would definitely take it up, right? However, let us understand what exactly does Trophy Wife hold place in the life of men and why men crave for it.

Reasons for desiring a Trophy Wife

There can be numerous reasons as to why men would like to have a trophy wife, a wife rather display at every place who is good looking and stunning. All men desire beautiful women and let us be honest, men are not of romantic types but seek more for lust from women than love. This can be one of the reasons while other can be increasing the social status. However, as there are benefits of having a Trophy wife, there can be cons to it as well. We will discuss all of these things further in the article.

Why men desire Trophy Wife?

You might have seen couple entering a restaurant where a man is not so good looking but his wife is a class apart with good looks and body Or has seen a couple , ravishing lady with an inferior looking man coming out a posh and luxurious car hand in hand? I bet, almost everyone has been to such situation. But it is just confined to getting attention from the public at such places or is there something dug dipper within? Let us find out the psychology of why men want to have a Trophy Women in his life.

The first look reaction
Let us be honest. When men introduce their gorgeous wife to friends and colleagues and they are simply in awe of her beauty, Men tend to like it. Getting such amazing reaction and knowing they are jealous of you brings an unconditional joy within, which is why Trophy Wives are preferred. Men think to have achieved something when such reaction he gets from his peer and social circle.

The Work status
Professional parties and events are meant to be for the family. When men take their wives along to such events, it is likely that she would get notice. Your boss might even check her out and chances are your status quo in the organization increases. Preferences and promotions are also some of the results of having a Trophy Wife. If such are the outcome sat professional front, every Man would like to have atrophy life beside her, well Lady Luck is what they say.

The Unknown Recognition
Men are most amazed by the recognition they get as this department works for women. It may happen that they used to go to same places before having a trophy wife and nobody even noticed him. But after he got a trophy wife for himself, suddenly he becomes the talk of the town. Indeed the same old people would gush around letting him get the attention he was deprived of. As compared to attractive wife, men get more attention from public talking about his luck factor.

Playful and colorful life
Trophy wives know what they are and that she is the center of attention. Wherever she goes, she brings life and makes the dull evening ever charming. She is indeed fun and do not fake or pretend to be the one she is not. She knows her job to make you feel good always and she does it at her best.

Mysterious Eyes
When you walk along with your Trophy wife, people do look at her beauty but keep guessing as to whom the beauty is holding onto besides her. Speculations, as to, are you a big businessman, superstar, Politician or from a high-class royal family start. The mysterious eyes look at you with so many unanswered questions. It is because all these women are with some esteemed people only.

Young Always
It is seen that usually old men are draped around the arm of young beautiful women. This happens due to men think that what older women cannot do, a young pretty lady can. She rejuvenates the dull life of the old man and makes him feel happy always. He is young by heart and by status everywhere.

But what is the downside of having a Trophy Wife?

Yes, believe it or not, but there are also some of the pitfalls of having a Trophy wife. All that looks good does not mean will bring fortune and luck in life. Your fun filled and joyous life can be staggered upon as well. Here are some of the downfalls of having a Trophy Wife:

Money matters
One of the most obvious things to have a trophy wife is deep pockets. Maybe you own a Ferrari, chain of restaurants or have the capacity to fill the house with her shopping bags, Trophy Wife lure for it. As seen trophies in any form are not cheap, they are high class and below par, things do not come in their list. Their every inch of the body indicates Swankiness, which needs continue the flow of cash.

Myriad of Options
These trophy wives tend to be much smarter than men usually think. Apart from her classy looks if she gets to have a better option, she would no waste a second to leave her man and be with another. There is no phrase of till death do us apart working over here. Men might face the ditches more regularly due to trophy wife than an ordinary life partner. Believe it or not, they would not have a second thought before leaving you as emotions from both parties are hardly attached.

A Stress Giver
With all the tension of high maintenance and mental dilemma, men are prone to more stress being with a trophy wife. There are men who can manage the stress and have a happy face all the times but then there are a bunch of men who cannot. They end up ruining their own life instead. They cannot say anything to their wife as this is what they have desired for and she cannot change herself owning to her 10 on 10 personalities.

Infidelity Liaison
Trophy Wife stands out even in the crowd and she too enjoys the attention. You might not know but she may fall for a younger or older man in a club or bar, exchange numbers and step forward into another relationship. This might happen in front of your eyes or behind your back. Infidelity is most seen in Trophy Wives.

Talk of the town
Even though you enjoy the public attention there are always rumors spreading about you and your wife. You might become the hot topic around and people start beating the bush at your back. They may be good at the front but once you are out of vision, back bitching starts. You certainly would get to listen few of them but even if you do not mind them, they affect you adversely after a point of time.

At times these Trophy wives can say or do something, which can make you filled with embarrassment. You neither can leave the place nor can stop your wife from doing so. Be it your private talks or her beauty enhancing surgeries; be prepared for every bit of it. Everything must be just out in open, which you might not want.


It has been found out that most men having Trophy Wives end up with another woman in their life. Maintaining a Trophy wife is usually very expensive and mentally exhausting. There comes no tag of lifelong guarantee with trophy wives.

All said and done, many men want to enjoy the perks of having a trophy wife and thus desire for one. If you are among them, go for it but make sure you are ready to face the major pitfalls carried along with Trophy wives.


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