Some believe that success can only be achieved by being single, while others thank their families for their triumphs. For their part, multimillionaires and even scientists say that a person can only be happy and achieve his goals if he has a stable partner.

There are two types of people in relationships: those who tend to be very dependent on the other and those who, on the contrary, tend to be so detached that they prefer to have more than one love at a time and without any commitment.

Love has its advantages and disadvantages. When things work like clockwork and you understand yourself very well with your partner, what usually triggers is a better energy to work, a better face in your day-to-day life, a good relationship with others, and, of course, a very stable emotional situation. This is because it considers that you have great support at your side in case, at some point, you get to present an unexpected problem.

But if, on the contrary, after having an idyll of love, things begin to damage for ‘x or y’ reason, the effects can be negative in the personal and work; there are people who, even after months of living a ‘tusa’, end up being fired at work for their bad attitude.

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So much does love concern certain people who believe and feel that ‘the world came upon them’ and that they will not have the strength to take a new step and start. In the end, everything depends on the capacity of resilience that one has to overcome the obstacles that, in some way, life puts us.

The only sure thing is that the statement “you can only be happy and successful when you have someone by your side” can be ratified if the person who accompanies you or is displeased when there is a discussion is a necessary support, but not an impediment for you to be calm and to develop as a person and professionally. In this sense, what you should evaluate is if this person is giving you something and if your life project is aimed at what your partner also wants for the future of both.

Even essential personalities such as investor Warren Buffet, science and technology entrepreneur Elon Musk, or former President Barack Obama have assured that without a partner at their side they would not have been able to achieve the fortune they amass today and the triumphs they have achieved.

At the launch of Tesla’s Model 3 vehicle in mid-2017, Musk revealed in an interview for Rolling Stone magazine that he was going through a breakup; the founder and director of Tesla admitted that “if I’m not in love if I’m not with a long-term partner, I can’t be happy.

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According to CNBC‘s Make It, Musk was dating Australian actress Amber Heard for a year, but finally they didn’t understand each other, and the relationship ended in a friendly way.

For Musk, it was tough to continue with his work obligations; he said in the interview, “I was really in love, and this hurt me a lot. He also added that during his company’s launch event, he had to draw enough energy from where he didn’t have it to look like everything was going well: “it took all the strength to make the Model 3 event and not look like the most depressed guy… for most of this day, I got nervous, drank a couple of Red Bulls, spent time with positive people and then had to say to myself: ‘I have all these people depending on me. All right, could you do it?

The millionaire, in one of his Instagram photos, wrote that his divorce was mainly due to his and his ex-wife’s work obligations, as maintaining a solid relationship at a distance is quite complicated.

Investor Warren Buffet, for his part, has also stated in some interviews that “it is much more fun to achieve things in life with a partner.” He describes his late wife as “the best teacher of all.” Since then, many of the things he knows about investing he learned from her. Susan Thompson was also president of the Buffet Foundation.

Other successful millionaires agree that the key to their success is owed to their partner. This is the case of former President Barack Obama, who attributed his political exploits during the presidency to his wife, Michelle Obama: “She has not only been a great first lady, she has been my full support.”

However, it’s not just wives who support their husbands; singer Beyonce has indicated on the occasion that her husband, rapper Jay-Z, has helped her enormously with her foundation: “I wouldn’t be the woman I am if I didn’t have a home with this man.

Celebrity situations aren’t the only ones that indicate that having a good partner makes a person much more successful. Well, a study by Carnegie Mellon University found that people who have support from their partners have a better chance of being successful in life.

What’s more, the study indicates that the way people help their partners with their life projects is as follows:

  • They express enthusiasm for their partner’s opportunities.
  • They reassure their partner when they are discouraged or have difficulty.
  • They discuss the benefits of taking on new roles and challenges, both for the couple and for the relationship.

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