Most relationships end when the romance fizzles, when there is no more spark going on between the two parties. In getting your ex back, you should realize that relationships are not based solely on emotions, and this is what you should fight for. You should make your ex realize that it’s also about compatibility, the stability and the benefits that the relationship brings. Feelings can be fleeting and if you let your relationship be decided completely by what both of you feel, what’s the point of having a relationship in the first place? This is what you should strive to fix in dealing with this kind of breakup issue.

But it’s now too late and you’ve already broken up with your ex, right? So you have no choice but to “rekindle” the emotions your ex had the first time he/she met you. The “lost spark” may be a cause of you being too comfortable in the relationship and not making any effort at all to make the relationship is fresh as ever. The quest to make your partner happy doesn’t end after the first few months; it’s a continual effort that is fuelled by real love and affection.

Basically, here are three aspects that you should work on to rekindle your ex’s emotions in getting your ex back:

  • Become visibly adventurous.
    If your ex became bored because there was not much activity in the relationship, then you have to take a look at your current life routine and ask yourself “What can I change here for me to become more spontaneous?” Stop following the 9 to 5 lifestyle everyday and break the monotony. Break a few rules! Go spend money outrageously. Go to new places or party harder than ever. Do something new everyday.

    The most important thing about this step is to make your ex know that you’re actively pursuing the life of spontaneity. I don’t know how you’ll do that, but the idea is to make your ex aware that you’ve having too much fun with them. This will make them go mad and make them frustrated as to why they left you in the first place.

  • Become very attractive.
    It is very common for people to let themselves go after they get into the relationship – they think that it’s not important to maintain their physical and facial features because their partners won’t mind. This is just plain wrong. And in getting your ex back to become really physically attractive to your ex is imperative. This is your primary way to bring back the “spark” that your relationship once possessed. Believe me you, if you’re beautiful and attractive people will instantly have a better impression of you. Therefore you must take care of yourself by getting fit and having desirable physical features.
  • Relive the past.
    If you want to bring back the “spark”, you need to go back to square one. Look back in the past and remember how you made your ex fall for you in the first place. Reminisce specific events and actions that transpired between the both of you which made contributed to their decision to get into a relationship with you. Relive those situations by re-enacting them. This might sound funny and silly, but the silliness of this step is what will make this advice really effective.

The bottom line here is that you shouldn’t stick to the current life routines you’re having if you’re in the business of getting your ex back. Be spontaneous, strive to be more desirable, and relive the past so the feelings your ex had for you will eventually come back.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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