There are plenty of different ways to drive him crazy in bed, but some methods are generally more effective than others. You must take the time to learn some of these techniques so that you can please your man as much as possible. The fact is that there are certain things that most guys really love. The more you learn about these tips and techniques, the stronger your relationship will be. In this article we will go over ten ways to really drive him crazy in the best possible way.

1. Do a Striptease

One of the best ways to get things heated up in the bedroom is by stripping for him. Wear something sexy and do it slowly. You might even want to consider putting on some sensual mood music. This will help get you both aroused so you have a great time with each other. Men love to see their women take their clothes off, so keep this in mind. Put on some sexy lingerie so he gets a pleasant surprise when your pants and dress come off.

2. Take Control

Believe it or not, there are quite a few guys who love it when the woman is the dominant one. This can get him rock-hard in a matter of seconds. Push him on the bed and hold his arms down while you grind against his crotch. This should get him hard in no time, and it will only get better from there. Make sure that you are taking note of how he responds to everything you do so you can adjust your behaviour accordingly. The whole point of doing this is to turn him on, so you need to keep that in mind at all times.

3. Try Out a New Position

Sometimes, all it takes to drive a guy crazy in bed is to try out a new position. Spend a little bit of time looking up some of the different positions before deciding on a certain one to try. This can work incredibly well when it comes to rekindling that sexual spark. Most guys love to try out new positions, so be creative. Just make sure that it is a position that you can both easily do. You shouldn’t need to be a yoga master to pull it off.

4. Bust Out the Handcuffs

There is nothing wrong with a little light bondage in the bedroom once in a while. Whether it is letting him cuff you to the bed or vice versa, this is something that you should consider. You can also use rope or whatever else is handy. If you are feeling particularly dominant, you might want to tie him to the bed and ride him. You could both discover a whole new kink by trying this. Some guys won’t admit it, but submitting control to a woman is a massive turn-on for them.

5. Be Very Vocal

Don’t be afraid to moan loudly and even talk dirty to him while you are having sex and leading up to it. This can be a very effective way to get him going, so you really spice things up. Most guys get really turned on by hearing their woman moan, so you need to keep that in mind as well. Your man wants to know just how much pleasure he is giving you, so feel free to let loose. There is nothing worse for your sex life than keeping how you feel inside, including in the bedroom.

6. Initiate the Sex

One straightforward but surefire way to drive him crazy in the bedroom is to initiate sex. If this is something that you don’t do very often, he will be sure to appreciate it. There is also a good chance that it will really turn him on because he will feel desired and attractive. Men need reassurance from their female partners just like women do.

7. Be Confident

Being confident in your words and actions in the bedroom is one of the best ways to drive him crazy. Men love women who clearly feel good about themselves and their physicality. There are lots of different ways to show him that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Make sure that you never hesitate, because that is a definite sign of low self confidence.

8. Worship His Body

You also want to spend a significant amount of time worshipping his body all over. This is another excellent way to remind him just how attractive you find his body. Put your lips and tongue all over it to give him immense physical and mental pleasure. Take your time and go slow because rushing through it might give him the wrong impression.

9. Role Play

You can try out some sexy role-play scenarios with your man as well. You are only limited by your imagination, so make sure you get creative. Decide on something that you both agree is really hot, and then act it out together. It might not be suitable for you, but it is definitely worth trying. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways to save a relationship when the bedroom has become entirely dead.

10. Tease Him

There is good teasing and bad teasing, and it’s essential that you know the difference. Most guys don’t mind being teased when it actually leads to something, and in fact, many of them love it! You should try finding different ways to tease him leading up to having sex together. This could be just rubbing his leg, slowly going higher and higher. It might also be talking dirty to him or sending naughty text messages. Teasing your man is an excellent form of foreplay that can start before you are even in the bedroom together. It will get you both excited and ready for a night of naughty fun. Just make sure that you follow it up with some hot action.


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