If you want to satisfy your man in bed, you will first need to find out what men want in bed. In this article, we will review some of the easiest and most effective ways to drive in the wild in the best possible ways. These tips can help revitalize your sex life, making it hotter than ever. It shouldn’t take long for you to discover just how well these methods work.

1. Be Assertive

Few things get a guy worked up more than a woman who takes control in the bedroom. Pin him down on the bed with your hands on his arms while riding him. This will be sure to really get him turned on and throbbing hard. You might even want to bust out the handcuffs.

While some guys won’t admit it, they love being controlled by their woman in bed. You might not be able to toss him around like he can with you, but that doesn’t mean you have to be completely submissive. Try dominating him a little bit next time you get into bed together. There is a perfect chance that he will respond in a very positive manner.

2. Pick Out Some Sexy Lingerie

You might be surprised at the powerful effect that the right sexy lingerie can have on a man. Take the time to find some undergarments that will drive your guy crazy. This is a great way to get him all worked up before you do the deed. The more turned on he gets from the start, the better the sex will be.

Make sure that you get lingerie that compliments your body while provoking an intense sexual response from him. Just looking at you in your sexy underwear can make him insanely horny.

3. Talk Dirty to Him

Another good form of foreplay is talking dirty. While you might think of this as being something that only guys do, you should give it a try yourself. The fact is that most men love it when their girl talks dirty to them before and during sex. This is another excellent way to heat things up before you hit the sheets.

Whether you are sitting on the couch relaxing or on the phone, talking dirty can work wonders to improve your sex life. You might even want to send him a few dirty texts throughout the day. By the time you get home, he’ll want to throw you on the bed and go at it for hours.

4. Touch Yourself in front of Him

Want to get your man all revved up and ready to go to bed? Try letting him watch you touch yourself all over. Get on the bed, start by touching your neck, and work your way down. There is a perfect chance that he’ll end up jumping on top of you at some point because he just can’t hold himself back anymore. Most guys love being teased, and it is one of the best ways to heat things up in the bedroom.

5. Try Out a New Position

There are a seemingly endless number of sex positions that you can try with your man, so why not try some of them out? You don’t need to be a gymnast to switch things up with a different position, so you don’t have to worry too much about being flexible. This is a great way to make things more interesting in bed. You should include him when researching various positions so he has some input, too.

6. Have Confidence

Some people are naturally more confident than others, but it is definitely something that will serve your sex life well. Confidence is essential when it comes to keeping your man satisfied each night. Guys love women who exude confidence in the way they talk and move their bodies. This might take a little bit of practice, but it is well worth the effort.

7. Ask Him What He Wants

If you really want to please your man, just ask him what he wants to do in the bedroom. You might not agree on everything, but you must do this. This will significantly increase the chances of satisfying him sexually, so it is definitely worth a try. One of the biggest problems that couples have is a lack of communication, and it can take a severe toll on their sex life.

8. Don’t be afraid to be Vocal

Guys get massively turned on when they hear their partner vocalize during sex. Don’t be afraid to let loose and moan loudly while he is thrusting inside of you. This will keep his rock hard, which means an excellent time for both of you. If you want a fantastic sex life, you can’t be shy about expressing your pleasure in bed.

9. Make Your Fantasies a Reality

Are there any fantasies that you or your man have always wanted to play out in the bedroom? If so, you should really give some of them a try. You can take on different roles and lower your inhibitions, at least for a little while. Take the time to really come up with a hot and detailed fantasy scenario to play out together.

10. Start off Slow

One of the best ways to really get your guy going in the bedroom is by starting slow. Start kissing his neck and work your way down all over his body. This sort of teasing will be sure to get him rock-hard and ready to go within just minutes. Guys tend to appreciate a woman who takes their time and shows appreciation for their body.

Final Thoughts

You must try out some of these tips when trying to improve your sex life to make it as hot as possible. Remember, a good sex life is an essential part of any healthy relationship. If you want to solidify your relationship with a remarkable man, these tips can really help.


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