The term “metrosexual” gets thrown around a lot these days, but what exactly does it mean? There are a number of telltale signs that you could, in fact, be metrosexual, and you must know what they are. A lot of people have misconceptions about what it actually means to be metrosexual, so you will need to get the facts right away. The more you know about metrosexuality, the easier it will be for you to identify it in yourself or your partner.

Obsession with Skin Care

Are you utterly obsessed with taking care of your skin? Do you have a rigorous skincare routine that consists of using an exfoliator, toner, moisturizer or other products? If so, there is a good chance that you are a metrosexual. There is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to take care of your skin, though, because doing so will keep you looking young for years to come. One of the secrets to looking great even into your golden years is a solid skincare regimen.

Looking in the Mirror Constantly

Another clear sign of being a metrosexual is constantly checking your appearance in the mirror. If you just cannot help but look at yourself when you pass by a mirror, you could be metrosexual. One of the defining characteristics of these men is that they are obsessed with their appearance, so it only makes sense that they would check themselves out as often as possible. If you look at yourself in the mirror more than most girls, you are, in fact, a metrosexual.

Owning at least Five Pairs of Shoes

Owning a lot of shoes is another clear sign of metrosexuality, so you will need to keep that in mind. Any man who owns more than five pairs of shoes is most likely a metrosexual. Most men only own two or maybe three pairs of shoes, except for the metrosexuals, of course. Shoes are typically something that women go crazy for, but some men love them too.
And what is not to love about shoes? They are a great fashion accessory that can really tie your outfit together, and we believe that not enough men appreciate them. Women who want to find out if their man is a metrosexual just need to look and see how many pairs of shoes they own.

An Intense Love of Shopping

Metrosexual men simply cannot help themselves when it comes to shopping, especially when it is for clothes. If you could spend hours in clothing stores trying on different things, you would definitely want to consider at least that you are a metrosexual. These guys need more of going to the mall and browsing through clothing stores and other places. A love of shopping is definitely a defining characteristic of metrosexuals.

Shaving Body Hair

Guys who shave their chests are almost certainly metrosexuals, but not always. Usually this is guys who just have a little bit of chest hair and want to be smooth. If it seems like you are constantly shaving or trimming your body hair, you are probably a metrosexual. These days, a lot of guys are actually doing this because who doesn’t love the feeling of a smooth chest? You can tell yourself that you do it for women, but you know deep down that it’s because you’re a metrosexual. This is even more certain if you use Nair to remove body hair, wherever it may be.

Lots of Bath/Shower Products

Any woman who wants to know for sure if their man is a metrosexual will just need to take a quick look in their shower. If you see exfoliating cream and scented body wash, there is a good chance that you are dating a fully-fledged metrosexual. A lot of these guys love going down to Bath & Body Works and similar places to pick up fruity-smelling lotions and body wash products. A lot of guys won’t admit it, but they love these things. After all, why are women the only ones that can enjoy smelling nice? There are tons of these products out there, and many of them are great for both men and women.

Going for Manicures/Pedicures

The fact is that most straight men don’t go for manicures or pedicures, but some of them do. Lots of guys won’t admit it, but they love the feeling of freshly manicured or pedicured nails. These are the biggest metrosexuals of all, and some of them are too ashamed to even own up to it. A lot of guys who go in for these nail treatments do so because they started going with a girlfriend or wife, but it still makes them metrosexuals. This is just part of the whole obsession with one’s appearance that is so very common with these guys.

Constant Fussing with His Hair

A majority of metrosexual guys are constantly fussing with their hair to make sure that it’s just right. If you find that you are touching and fixing your hair all of the time, it might be time just to admit that you are a metrosexual. Another sign of this is that you tend to spend a lot of money on your haircuts because you just don’t trust the cheaper places to do a good job. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, though, and spending a few extra dollars on your haircut might actually be a pretty good idea. Metrosexual men tend to have the most excellent hair, and women love running their fingers through it all the time.

Although it might have a somewhat derogatory connotation, the word “metrosexual” is not a bad one at all. Metrosexual guys tend to be cleaner and more self-confident than non-metrosexuals. And while some women are put off by guys who care more than most about their appearance, a lot of them are actually attracted to it. Whether or not you like it, you are a metrosexual if you fit the description of this list.


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  1. My word about metrosexual is they born with it …they take the cleaness and softness kind of their mothers but keeping the man thing up….I truly like them.

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