You’ve heard people use the word “chode”, but you aren’t sure exactly what it means. Well, we are about to explain it in detail. You will learn everything you need to know about this popular term.

What is a Chode?

The term “chode” is pretty much interchangeable with “fool”, but it’s a bit more complicated than just that. It is basically a guy who doesn’t have any “game”, and they don’t even realize it. Despite their best efforts to win over the opposite sex, they fail miserably. Someone who is termed a chode never seems to learn from their mistakes when pursuing the object of their affection.

A chode might realize that their game needs improvement, but they don’t actually do anything about it. They sometimes think they are above trying to step up their game. They are incredibly frustrated with their lack of results, but they always find some excuse to tell themselves.

Chodes Aren’t Open to Learning

A guy who is a true chode is pumped up with false self-confidence. He doesn’t believe that he needs to learn anything or work on his game because it just comes naturally to him. This sense of pride usually comes from getting checked out by women sometimes. This alone is enough for the chode to dismiss the idea of working on his game at all.

These guys typically believe that women need to be wooed over a long period before they will open themselves up sexually or romantically. They try to play the long game by making friends with a girl, only to be disappointed when they don’t get anywhere with her.

Hiding Behind an Online Persona

Many chodes spend a great deal of time cultivating an online persona that they believe will make them attractive to girls. They talk to the opposite sex when gaming online or on social media. The internet provides them with a mask that they can use to mitigate the risk of rejection.

They Believe They are Special

Another hallmark of the chode is a staunch belief that they are exceptional compared to other men. They do everything possible to stay away from the competition, as it tends to make them feel small and insignificant. Instead of being bold and taking action, they just wish and hope that their perfect girl will be delivered from the heavens.

The Chode has no Backbone

You’ll quickly find that a chode has no real backbone whatsoever. These guys typically allow themselves to get bossed around by women instead of being dominant or assertive in any way. They will even seek advice from women when trying to figure out how to develop their masculinity.

He keeps trying to win the girl over by doing whatever she wants, but it never works. The chode is very submissive to the opposite sex, and it shows through in everything they do (or don’t do).

Self-Hating is a Sign of a Chode

Chodes are very critical of themselves as men, but they still do nothing to change in any positive way. These guys give up their masculinity in hopes of winning over the girls they want. They also sometimes go out of their way to troll other men in an effort to make themselves feel good. Even if they manage to get some satisfaction from doing this, it never lasts very long.

An abject lack of self-esteem is one of the defining characteristics of the chode. Guys that are like this don’t value themselves as men, and they rely on women to provide them with validation.

Chodes Don’t Know What Women Want Sexually

A chode doesn’t have the first clue about what women really want in the bedroom. They tend to see women as angels or immaculate princesses instead of the complex sexual beings they are. He is also naïve about how some women will use men or humiliate them just for their amusement. This keeps him coming back for punishment over and over.

The average chode doesn’t understand that most women have quite a few different guys to choose from. He is so caught up in his narcissistic world that he doesn’t see the reality of the situation. He believes that the girl will ultimately choose from, despite having a number of other, much better options available.

He is a Big Complainer

There is almost nothing that a chodes loves more than to complain about his own love life, or lack therefore. He will bitch and complain to any guy who will listen, but none of them care what he has to say.

Chodes often say things like, “I just wish girls understood that I am a really good guy” or “Nobody seems to really get me.” He lacks a fundamental awareness of his own fatal shortcomings.

The Chode Judges Others Harshly

Chodes often judge women and other men harshly, despite being deeply flawed themselves. If they find out that a girl they like has had sex with a few guys, she is automatically a dirty slut. He is always trying to blame his insecurities on others in any way he can.

If someone possesses a way of thinking that differs from the chode’s, he will tear them down in his mind. As far as he is concerned, anyone who doesn’t think and act just like him is wrong.

Final Thoughts

If you are a guy, the last thing you want to be is a chode. These men aren’t really men at all, despite claiming to have an impressive game with the opposite sex. They believe that there is only one girl out there for them and that it’s a matter of destiny. It is pretty clear that chodes are weak and pathetic in pretty much every way. When you are able to recognize these signs, you can avoid becoming one of these losers. Don’t hesitate to work on your game and improve it as much as possible because chances are you could use it.


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