You have probably heard the term “simp” before, but you might not have a complete understanding of what it really means. If you are still on the dating scene, you must educate yourself about this. It could mean the difference between finding the girl of your dreams and spending the following year (or more) as a single dude.

What is a Simp?

A simp is basically a guy who goes out of his way to show a woman respect in hopes of forming a romantic or sexual connection. While this might not sound like the worst thing to be, there is more to it than just that. These “nice guys” are utterly desperate, and it shows. He thinks he is being slick and sophisticated when, in reality, pretty much all women see right through his pitiful efforts.

Someone who simply might go out of their way to stand up for a girl who is being criticized or try to get physical affection in some way. They might ask for a hug when they see the person, making it incredibly awkward for everyone involved.

Origins of the Term

You might be interested to learn that this now-infamous term actually originated from the word “simpleton”. The rap music genre has played a significant part in refining this term over the years. It started being used in hip-hop songs back in the 1980s. While the term lost some steam, it started coming back in the early 2000s because of a few select rappers.

A Lack of Honesty

The main problem with a simp is that his motivations are inherently dishonest. He isn’t acting nice and being friendly just because it is in his nature; his main goal is to get in the girl’s pants. This all-too-obvious dishonesty is more than off-putting to the opposite sex. He might offer to pay for a meal or do a favour for a girl that he wants to get with. The only reason behind this generosity is an interest in getting laid.

They Always End up Being Just a Friend

Guys that are considered simps pretty much always end up in the friend zone with girls they try to woo. As much as they want to be more than friends with the object of their affection, they can never move to the next level.

The simp never intended to just be friends with the girl they like, but that is all they will ever be to them. This is primarily due to their dishonest motives and hidden agendas. They aren’t even truly friends with the girl because they are only interested in being more.

It’s not Just Guys

While simps tend to be primarily guys, some women fit this title. Stamping is something that anyone is capable of, regardless of gender. There are tons of examples of female simps if you go on social media.

A vast majority of simps are men, though, simply because guys are more likely to behave dishonestly to win over the opposite sex. This is nothing new, but only recently has it gotten a specific term.

Why Simping Almost Never Works

It’s pretty clear that simply almost never works, whether it is a girl or a guy doing it. This is because their ulterior motives are painfully obvious. Women are generally good at sensing when a guy likes them, so they pick up on this behaviour reasonably quickly.

The façade of kindness and friendship they present never gets them very far. In other words, being fake is transparent and a dead-end strategy.

What to do if You’re a Simp

If you are a simp, you will first need to admit it to yourself. The next step is to examine your motives and try to become more genuine in how you interact with the opposite sex. Ask yourself why you are treating them so generously. If the answer is because you just want to get with them romantically or sexually, you should just back off.

You must do your best to be authentic in how you treat others, especially when you are attracted to them. If you are coming from a place of dishonesty, you won’t get anywhere. There is no point in being fake because it will only make you frustrated in the end.

It’s Just Not Worth the Effort

Another thing to keep in mind as a simp is that all of your disingenuous behaviour is not worth all the effort. While you might be able to find some men or women who will fall for your act, it is usually going to fail. You might as well put your energy into becoming a more genuine overall person, as this will yield better results. Male simps are incredibly unsuccessful because women are good at spotting fake guys.

You’ll End up Losing Your Real Friends

If you insist on simping long enough, you are going to end up losing the people who you are actually friends with. Men or women who are always ditching their friends to chase after someone they are interested in will always end up alone. The fact is that it’s just a matter of time before these people in your life get fed up with how you are acting.

Final Thoughts About What Does Simp Mean

While the term “simp” might be relatively new, it is definitely a behaviour that has been around forever. Men and women can both be guilty of simply, and it’s never pretty. The worst thing about a simp is how fake they are. There is nothing genuine or truly charming about them at all. Just because you are pleasant to someone you are attracted to doesn’t necessarily make you a simp, but it could depend on your motives. Take a long, hard look at the reasons behind your behaviour in order to determine whether or not you are guilty of doing this.


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