It is very highly likely that your ex girlfriend has left because she already likes someone else and would rather want to be with him than with you. If that’s the case, there’s a very precise array of methods on how to get her back. The secret is in knowing the underlying facts in the situation and how you can take advantage of it. Of course, the results will always vary, because your ex may already have already invested a deep emotional attachment to this other person that it would be nearly impossible to change her mind about the breakup. Still, it’s always worth a try.

The Facts

I am presuming that your situation goes like this: you just recently broke up with your ex but she isn’t currently seeing or actively dating anyone, but only has set eyes on a particular guy.

Here are some things you need to really put in mind whenever you’re in this particular situation. First, always remember that your ex is still single at the moment, and therefore you have a lot of freedom to convince her to change her mind. Second, you must be careful never to make the wrong decisions, such as acting out of desperation, as this will lead her further away from you and closer to the other person’s heart. It’s a very fickle and fragile situation that you’re facing and as such there is no room for error.

The Research

Because you’re facing a potential adversary to your love, you’re going to have to learn the character of the person your ex likes and fish for any weaknesses, habits incompatible with your ex’s, or undesirable traits. You’re going to do this through researching his profile on social networking sites, or asking mutual friends about him. This sounds very High School, I know, but it really does help and it will really help your case to get her back. Very important aspects include the person’s romantic history, his family background, his hobbies, and his addictions (if any).


Want To Win Her Back?

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Now, once you can already size up the full extent of the characteristics of the man your ex likes, you can use this to your power, discouraging your ex from further becoming emotionally attached to that guy. The most effective thing you could do is to tell her friends about these nasty background checks and it will naturally pass on to your ex.

Be Careful Never to Make Them Interact

If your ex and her person of interest have limited interaction, they will never have any chance of getting together, and therefore you should strive that this should be the case at all costs. Now, I don’t know how you’ll be able to do this, because the solution is different for every situation. Just remember the following tips:

  • Stalking is never an option.
  • If you are able to talk to the guy himself, make your case with him, and he will surely understand.
  • Don’t panic if they do talk to each other and start going out. There is still no finality in this and you still can win the fight.
And Now You Wait

While all of these go on, be careful to give your ex all the space she needs – the breakup is fairly recent, after all. After you’re fairly convinced that you’ve covered all the bases and that her desire for this other guy has receded, you can then determine how to get her back.

When you talk to your ex regarding your plan to get the relationship back together, your argument should be like this: “Why must you risk trying to find happiness in someone you only like when you know you can have me, someone who definitely loved you and still loves you?” Emphasize the fact that you are not forcing her to make decisions as soon as possible, and that you’re willing to wait as soon as she able to make up her mind. This will definitely make her relax and feel good when she finally decides that the relationship is worth another try.


Want To Win Her Back?

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