If you’re truly convinced that your ex-boyfriend has moved on (either because his actions tell you so or he told you so explicitly) after the breakup, there are a lot of things you can try to get your ex boyfriend back. Granted, the won’t be 100% effective at this point (because your ex has partially made up his mind already) but at least you can still perform a couple of tricks up your sleeve so you can convince your ex that the relationship should have a second chance.

Here is a complete five-step plan:

  • First, you need to rebuild the desire your ex had for when the relationship was still fresh. Remember the feelings you had for him, and how he made you feel. Remember the first day you met, your first date, your first kiss, all of it, and then try to relive all of it all over again. Recreate everything that happened so that he will warm up to you all over again. You should also make yourself look great; in fact, you should strive to look the best way ever! You’re dealing with a man who has already moved on, so you should pull out all the stops and entice him with everything you’ve got.
  • The next move is to rebuild friendship. You can’t just move into a romantic phase without going through friendship; that’s how you started in the first place, right? Not only that, breakups are painful and traumatic and as such, you need to start it out really slowly so the pains of the breakup won’t resurface. Start communicating with him without any hidden agenda. Just ask him how things have been doing and as much as possible, don’t appear needy or desperate. What you should be rooting for is a solid foundation of friendship that will be the basis of your second relationship. Don’t think of your new chance at a relationship as a continuation to your previous one, rather, it’s a whole new relationship altogether.
  • Next, you have to rebuild barriers. This means that you don’t have to get too comfortable with your new friendship with your ex, you should try not to become too accessible for him, and strive to be a little more “hard to get”. Don’t be available for him all the time everytime he wants your company. This will inadvertently raise your value because it will make it seem like you’re not just waiting for his every call.
  • Lastly, you have to rebuild his interest. This can be done by

    a) getting rid of your desperation completely,
    b) meeting new people and dating other people once more, and
    c) giving him limited opportunities to make his move.

    This will exponentially increase his interest for you because he will become curious as to why you’re not giving him too much attention as an option for a new love interest. This will definitely brush his ego and will lead him to chase you once more.

You should provide a very long time frame for all these steps to be successfully implemented. You can’t expect your ex to fall in love with you as fast as you would hope to at this point, because he has already made up his mind and has moved on to other things. If you want to get your ex boyfriend back, you should be patient and wait for the right pacing for things to unfold.

Good luck and I hope you can get the man of your dreams back in your arms again!

Recommended Reading

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  • How to finally overcome depression with just one action
  • Determining the psychology behind your breakup specifically
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