The signs of jealousy discussed here will not be about the very strong emotion of jealousy that often leads to violence and abusive behaviors. This will be more about those “cute jealousy” to help you know and understand whether you, your partner, or your love interest is experiencing that sweet jealousy.

I hope that knowledge can empower you to decide better on what direction you must take regarding the fact, whether to take the daring move to say those three magic words or not, or whether you should consider to think over about the things that triggered your partner’s jealousy.

Okay, so the question is: what are the signs of jealousy? But before coming to the answers, let’s find out more about jealousy and its characteristics.

Jealousy – Its Role In Relationships

Everyone of us, somewhere and sometime in life, has ever experienced jealousy. Actually, every romantic relationship needs certain degree of jealousy to help keep the bond intact and make the relationship stronger.

In fact, the absence of jealousy in one partner in a relationship can be detrimental to the other partner’s well-being… and later to the longevity of the relationship. Why? Because the other partner may feel unwanted and/or no longer be needed, especially if he/she has some self-confidence and self-esteem issues (which are very common among people).

Indeed, jealousy is necessary for the prosperity of a romantic relationship. But just like drugs, which can be very poisonous if taken excessively, so can jealousy.

Small or moderate amount of jealousy may be acceptable – and in many cases even proven to be useful – but too much amount of it can and will surely poison the relationship to the extent of beyond recuperation.

So, it is very important to have control over your jealousy or to identify whether your significant one has potential to become an overly-jealous and controlling person before you both go further in the relationship.

The Special Characteristic of Jealousy

The funny thing about jealousy is, people who suffer it oftentimes are not even aware that they are jealous. These include, of course, ourselves. And to make things more complicated, hardly no one is willing to admit their jealousy even when they know/realize that they are jealous.

In order to justify their jealousy, consciously or not people often disguise it in many other forms of behavior/emotion that seem less embarrassing such as concerns and attention, or even indifference.

Instead of admitting their jealousy, a jealous person usually will say that what he/she did was because of his/her concerns, because he/she loves the partner and did not want anything bad befall on him/her. And believe it or not, usually the person with jealousy then trapped in his/her own lie and thinks that it is the truth.

There is nothing wrong of being concerned or attentive to the one we love, of course. But if it is only jealousy in disguise, it would only make you suffer, depressed and distressful. You must deal with your jealousy and treat it rightfully as it is if you want to have a fulfilling life. It is imperative to deal with jealousy before it turns into the big green-eyed monster that can ruin everything of value in your life!

Truly, it takes courage (and honesty to own self) to admit that the true nature of those behaviors is jealousy. But you should not have to go through those stressful phases if you can know and identify the signs of jealousy so that you can deal with it rightly.

Yes, there are some signs of jealousy that we can use to know whether our love interest or our significant one – or even our own self – is jealous or not. What are they? Read on!

The Signs of Jealousy

Below are the signs of jealousy that you can use to identify whether you, your love interest, or your significant one have suppressed jealousy or not.

  • Indifference

    You are talking to an opposite sex and suddenly you notice that your partner becomes too quiet or act as if he/she does not care.

    He may try to contain his jealousy by acting that way, doing his best to hide it from you. If he acts weird and unusual afterward, maybe by ignoring you or creating a fight for no reason, yes, most probably he was jealous. And if he mentions that guy to attack you in a fight, then yes, indeed, he was jealous.

  • Sudden change of mood

    You received a call from a friend, and all the sudden you see that his mood changed rapidly and he became upset.

  • Become upset when someone of the opposite sex see you attractive.

    This is one of the few strong signs of jealousy you can find. People without self-confidence problem will not be bothered if they find someone admire their romantic partner. They may even be proud of it and see it as compliments. But people with low self-confidence and low self-esteem will see it as a threat to them.

  • It seems that your partner hates to see you talk to anyone else beside her. When she sees you talking to somebody, it seems that she often tries to eavesdrop – or even interfering the conversation in her attempt to know of what you are talking about that is so important.
  • Another sign of jealousy is when you feel the need to be in contact with your partner continuously so that you can always know what she is doing and/or with whom she is going.
  • You started lurking on your partner’s movements, or if it is your partner who is jealous, you may find that you “accidentally bump” with her in many places you go.
  • This is also one of the signs of jealousy in your part: you find yourself saying bitchy things about your partner’s close friend(s) or ex.
  • You want to know everything about your partner’s past relationships, but after that you get envious and regret asking.
  • You feel somewhat uncomfortable and insecure if your partner remarks on someone else as attractive.
  • You start spying on his calls, text messages and emails, as well as going through his personal belongings.
  • You find yourself prying and/or stalking your partner.
  • You feel that constant fear of losing your partner, or of him/her become attracted to someone else.
  • You find yourself flirt with someone else of the opposite sex just to give your partner “a lesson on what it feels to be cheated”. This is a dangerous move to do. So, if you find yourself doing this, then stop immediately!
  • You get very annoyed when your partner missed your phone call.
  • You feel that you always need reassurance from your partner that he/she loves you. This sign of jealousy is also the reflections of your low self-esteem and bad self-image.
  • Another important of the signs of jealousy is if your partner always envious of other people’s lives or possessions. It may not be directed to you now, but you’ll never know tomorrow.

Those are the few signs of jealousy that you can use to check whether you or your partner have developed some kind of suppressed jealousy or not. The more signs you find, the more certain that jealousy has crept into your relationship. Deal with that jealousy right before it becomes too big to conquer!


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