There can be any number of signs he has a crush on you and some are easier to pick up than others. But, some of these signs could be misconstrued if a guy simply values your friendship and wants you to be in his “friend zone”.

In this article, we’ll list a number of ways that he might be telling you that he has a crush on you, and see if we can decide whether or not this puts you in the “friend zone” or the “crush zone”.

We’ll list them with the most obvious ploys at the beginning, and count down to the more subtle ways he might let you know he has a crush on you.

He Tries to Impress You

If a guy tries to impress whenever he around you, it’s a pretty obvious sign that they guy has a serious crush on you. And, if he’s trying to impress when you’re both in a group of friends, then he definitely has a crush on you. Guys generally want to keep up their coolness factor. A boy who doesn’t care about acting cool, and doesn’t care what others think or whether they criticize him or tease him for his behavior, only has eyes for you.

Friend Zone: Not Likely / Crush Zone: Very Likely

He Pays You a Lot of Compliments

If a guy, whom you’ve known for a while, is paying you compliments all of a sudden, and he doesn’t appear to be seeking any type of favor, he may have developed a crush on you. Watch his behavior around others for a while. If he turns out to be the type that just likes to compliment people, it probably just means that he wants to include you as a friend. However, if he is making a point of complimenting only you, he definitely has a major crush on you.

Friend Zone: Possibly / Crush Zone: Very Likely

He Asks For Your Phone Number after Getting to Know You

When a guy meets you, if the first thing that he does after a couple of minutes of conversation, is ask for your phone number, he probably is just “collecting” friends, and he’s not seriously interested in you. However, if the guy, after spending some serious time getting to know you (and only you will know how much time is “serious time”), asks for your number, then it definitely means that he is more than just casually interested. It means that you are definitely crush material.

Friend Zone: Not Likely / Crush Zone: Very Likely

He Asks You about Other Guys

If a guy starts becoming interested in the idea of pursuing a relationship with you, the first thing he’ll want to know is what his chances of success will be, and other guys in your circle of friends will need to be eliminated as potential rivals. We’re not talking about physical elimination, of course. He’ll just need to find out whether they will present a problem if he tries to win your affections. So, if he blatantly asks you about other guys, or who you might like and be interested in, he’s definitely looking contemplating the chances winning your heart.

Friend Zone: No chance / Crush Zone: Very Likely

He Does Favors for You

A hands-down, certain give-away to a guy having a crush on you, is if he, out of the blue, starts to perform favors you, especially ones that border on the unnecessary. This is another trait that belongs in the “I don’t care what anyone thinks about me” category of behavior of when a guy has a serious crush going. And, the likelihood of this kind of behavior to have anything to do with the friend zone is absolutely zero.

Friend Zone: No / Crush Zone: Absolutely Yes

He Asks About Your Upcoming Plans

Another way that a guy can show interest in getting to spend more time with you is by casually asking about your upcoming plans. This can be extremely subtle to the point of your thinking that he may just be asking out of wanting something else to do. However, it can also mean that, like a jealous crush, he is looking for information about who you hang out with, and him wanting to be included with your friends. This can be taken either way.

Friend Zone: Maybe / Crush Zone: Maybe

If He Talks About His Feelings

A guy who is comfortable with you and opens up about his feelings, values your friendship as well as your opinion. This may be the first step in admitting that has certain feelings for you as well. The problem is that it could also just as much that the guy holds your opinion highly. And, that’s all. If the conversations continue for a more than a week or so without getting round to his expressing any feelings for you, you are firmly in the friend zone.

Friend Zone: Likely / Crush Zone: Maybe

He Goes Out of His Way to Touch You

A guy who seems to go out of his way in order to touch you may well be trying to make a connection with you, and this may be the only way he knows how to go about it. This guy is probably lacking in verbal skills or he’s very shy to express himself verbally. Just because he doesn’t say much doesn’t mean that he isn’t aching to talk to you. Touching you in a non-threatening way may be the best way for him to express his feelings for you. And, it shouldn’t be ignored.

Friend Zone: Maybe / Crush Zone: Probably

He Laughs More around You

This can be another one of those “Does he or doesn’t he?” type of conundrums. A guy who laughs and jokes more around you can be trying to impress you with his sense of humor and has witty repartee. He could just as well simply be recognizing and responding to the knowledge that you have a pretty decent sense of humor yourself, and he respects that and wants to include in on the jokes. This is another of the harder ones to judge.

Friend Zone: Maybe / Crush Zone: More Likely

I hope that you gained a little insight into how types of behavior can be signals that people send out in order to attract one another. Recognizing these behaviors in your everyday interactions as being signals can be the start of something rewarding and long-lasting. Here’s hoping that you are able to pick up the signals sent that are being sent your way.


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