Relationships need to be handled with utmost care. We are sure that you tried your level best, yet she broke up with you! In spite of being aware of the fact that she loved you with her all, today you are no longer in contact with her. We are here to help you re-connect with your ex-girlfriend emotionally such that you can take your relationship to the next level and never have to face another break-up. Build your love, trust and care in a way you have never done before!

It indeed is a very tough time for you – you are missing her and want her back really badly. However, we will suggest you not to hurry in your efforts to get her back. Firstly, you must realize the fact that if she left you, perhaps she did not love you that much to fight back for you! You have to take the pain to revive the existing love and inculcate more love in her so that she fights back to get you if ever you fall in a situation like this again.

Before that, let us consider that women can be classified based on their mentality into four distinct groups:

  • High School Mentality: (15yrs-18yrs): Girls in this age group are not mature enough to make a life-long commitment and their primary aim is not to settle down. Although, some couples do end up in marriages, but the changes are rare.
  • College Mentality: (18yrs-23yrs): Girls are entering into the maturity stage and are soon going to become women. They experience the 1st taste of freedom away from the parental rules set for dating. However, before getting emotionally attached to her take note of her long-term mindsets.
  • Serious Mentality: (23yrs-27yrs): This is the age when women are seeking a life-partner. The level of commitment and prospects of an everlasting relationship is quite high at this stage.
  • Super-Serious Mentality: (27yrs-35yrs): Women at this age have realized that they are no longer in a position to waste time. They are looking for the ideal man to tie the knot with and settle down with him and have children.

Whichever stage your ex-girlfriend is in, we are sure that you desire to spend your entire life with her. Before taking your first step to getting her back, consider the reason why she left you. The fault could have been from any side, but you have to take the initiative to mend it and have a healthy love life all over again with your sweetheart. Let’s consider some probable reasons.

It is quite common that she will not tell you the exact reason why she broke up with you until and unless it was a case where you betrayed her. Remember, if you are hurt, deep down the heart, even she will be hurt! Perhaps one of the reasons concerning your break-up might have been that you had too many fights in your relation. Fights are common and to some extent essential. However, too many arguments kill the fun and nobody would like to spend time with such a man because at the end of the day it’s just frustration and no happiness. Another important nature of women, which is quite contrary to those of men is that they seek immense attention. They need to be reminded time and again that they hold the highest priority in their boyfriend’s life.

Very often men forget this fact which causes the girl to develop insecurities and leads to break-up. This usually happens after the so-called honeymoon period is over. Women need to understand that the key to a healthy relationship is not ‘love’ always, but the imperfections in love-life and the ability to tackle them. Sometimes break-up do occur because the man is not in the serious mentality stage and the woman notices that her future prospects with him are bleak. If issues have been with cheating, trust me it is difficult to get loved the same way again. If it was she who has cheated you, she must have developed an inner guilt in herself and feels that you deserve much better than her.

Whatever might be the cause, the ultimate aim is to get her back! Before you begin your action, take a pen and paper and note down at least 10 different things that you can do this time to make your girlfriend feel loved. The first step to getting her back is to hit the RESET button. Consider to begin an all new relationship with her. Try to forget the past and make a new beginning. However, always remember to hit the Reset button at the correct time. Trying to get her back before her emotions have settled will do all harm and no good. Also, follow the no-contact rule.

If your girlfriend has broken up with you, she will be under the impression that you will be begging to get her back in your life. Avoid doing this. Let her miss you and get over her bad mood. The reset button will be most effective when she has begun to crave for your attention all over again. This time persuade her to begin your relationship in a fresh way as if nothing had happened.

The second step is to develop and improve yourself to become the ‘man of her dreams’! Every girl has dreamt of a man whom she will trust her life with. She might accept you the way you are and never tell you to change, but secretly she does compare you with her imaginative ‘man of dreams’. Why not surprise her this time by putting in a little more effort for self-improvement? The top three qualities which women desire in a man are confidence, communication, and faithfulness. Some girls do desire additional qualities which you must have known very well after dating her. Do a bit of homework every day to become the perfect man for her!

And finally make sure that you influence her to get back with you instead of trying to impose your control upon her. She has broken up with you and it is likely that she will feel dominated and frustrated if you try to rule her your way. Instead, give her time and influence her by your virtues and qualities. Remind her reasons why she fell in love with you earlier. Make her realize that she has made a mistake by leaving you. Let her regret the same and I am sure that she will beg to be back into the relationship very soon!

It is easy to fight back for your love. However angry she might pretend, remember deep inside her heart the care still exists! All you need to do is revive the same and take care that neither of you make the same mistakes that you had made earlier which resulted in your break-up. It will take time and be a patience test scenario for you. But do not lose hope. She will be back to you if she truly loves you! Love is the essence of life! Love your girlfriend, pamper her and try to fulfill all her wishes in the most romantic way such that she never considers a second break-up!


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.


  1. Tenesee Swepston Reply

    So my girlfriend broke up with me. I waited 17 days till after she did to start no contact. I’m 15 days into it. Was it too late to start it?

    • Yes i think you contacted her too soon. Its all a matter of time and why she left you. I dont know your situation but wait at least a month with no contact. Dont even tell her your doing this. Just go silent. And she most likely will contact you within a month. If she doesn’t then contact her but gently and having improved since last time. Hope this helps. It comes from alot of painful experience but worth it

  2. Tushar Sethi Reply

    Hi, my girlfriend broke up with me on 2013 due to bad and misunderstanding, lets start from start, we were so happy together she was too caring & loving everyday even when she’s out of the town she loved me alot & vice versa we were happy till 5 yrs. From 2008 to 2013, But suddenly she told me i don’t wanna be in relationship with you because i liked and loved another girl which was my female friend who i met because of my male friend and she also became her close friend recently this is told by a guy which was unknown for me because he promised my ex to dont reveal his name and she never revealed that 3rd person’s name who said that i like another girl and she broken up so easily she listened to a 3rd person but not listened to me who were 5 yrs together with her i stopped texting her for a month after that i told her that was due to misunderstanding but she didn’t listened to me and said i am in a relationship then i told her to delete me now and she never came back she permanently deactivated her facebook and changed her contact number.

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