Whether you’re a family of two or more, marriage therapy can help improve relationship satisfaction and strengthen the family unit. Family therapy can help families understand each other better. It can also have a positive effect on those with illness, addictions, or mental health issues.

It’s important to make time for family or marriage therapy. This may be difficult. The more people you involve in the therapy process, the more schedules you will have to work around. Still, if you want to improve your family relationship communications, you will have to find a time that works for everyone and then stick to it.

If you’re thinking about going to counseling as a couple or as a family, you must be willing to put in the work. Here are 8 ways family and marriage therapy can benefit your family.

Work Through Problems

In modern families today, it is not at all uncommon for different members to struggle with issues. Parent-child or sibling tensions are also unfortunately common. A therapist or counselor will be able to help families who are dealing with:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Physical or emotional abuse in the family
  • Relationship Communication Issues
  • Erasing tension
  • Divorce
  • Friction
  • Chronic Illness or Disease
  • Marital discord
  • Addiction
  • Emotional or Behavioral Issues

Just as marriage therapy helps couples, family therapy helps families to work through their problems and enhance unity.

Learn to Understand Each Other

Living under the same roof does not guarantee that children will have the same outlook on their upbringing. Every family member has different life-experiences that they bring to the table, which can sometimes make it difficult to relate to one another.

Families function the best when they are working together. This is the theory believed by Dr. Murray Bowen, one of the first doctors to pioneer family therapy. It was his belief that families were connected on an emotional level and that they should seek to solve problems together.

When families grow together and learn how to relate to one another, everyone benefits.

Family therapy is beneficial when going through a Divorce

No matter how long a couple has been married or how old the children are, nothing puts stress on a family the way a divorce does.

It is common for children to feel as though they are caught between each of their parents or that they should pick a side. The children will have questions and will be plagued with doubt about the future of their family unit.

Couples will have questions of their own, such as how to remain a family unit to the best of their abilities after separating and whether divorce is really the right answer.

By going to family or marital counseling, a therapist can help their patients strengthen their relationship and accept their new circumstances.

Improves Family Mental Health

Stress levels rise when there is tension in the family unit. Studies show that a wide variety of daily life stressors, as well as big stressful life events can have a negative effect on your mental health and your ability to sleep.

Stress and anxiety create a toxic atmosphere at home. This can lead to fighting, a breakdown in verbal communication, and can make the home a mentally dangerous environment to be in.

By seeking family or marriage therapy, family members learn about each other’s weaknesses and strengths. They’ll be informed on how to talk to one another in a way that won’t trigger an argument. When suggestions are implemented in family life, parents and children contribute to a peaceful dynamic.


When there is a death in the family it can make everyone feel as though they are at a stand-still. Since people grieve in different ways, family or marital counseling can help them understand each other’s coping mechanisms and relate to one another on a deeper level.


One reason people attend therapy is to help them cope with addiction within the family. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, gambling, or something else, one person’s addiction impacts the entire family.

Therapy can be an excellent tool for communicating about addiction. It will teach siblings and parents how to respond to the addicts use and how to avoid enabling their behavior.

It can also be beneficial just to talk openly about how the addiction has impacted each member of the family or can be used as an avenue to offer treatment options to the addict.

Improves Relationship Communication

Relationship communication is essential whether you are a married couple or an extended family. When families and partners can’t talk to each other, problems escalate and resentment grows.

Some families may not know how to open up about their feelings. They may feel uncomfortable sharing personal problems or issues from their past. Therapy is a great option for those who feel this way.

Families are happier when they know how to talk to each other. Not only will relationship communication improve after attending counselling sessions, so will self-esteem. Siblings and parents can feel confident about coming to each other with their problems and feelings in the future.

Pre-Marriage Therapy Builds Strong Family Units

Marriage therapy isn’t just for families with children. It can also be beneficial for those who are newly engaged or who are trying to get pregnant.

Such counseling sessions will help couples improve their relationship communication and learn to fight fair. It can also teach them how to make the health of their relationship a priority during the parental transition.

This is also beneficial for little ones since studies show that children fare better when their parents put time and effort into maintaining a healthy marriage.

Marriage therapy can have many benefits for your family unit. Your therapist can help you and those around you to live a happier life and build stronger bonds together. Whether you want to improve communication, work through problems, or fortify your relationship communication before tying the knot, therapy can help.


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