Ladies, have you ever written a love poem for your man? Most ladies do not think that their guy would like this. However, many men really do like romance. And one really great way to have him get in a romantic mood is to present him with a love poem.

A love poem for him can make him feel amazing. It can be said that you really and truly care about him and his well being.

Men often have a stigma for being tough and rough. While some want to keep this appearance up all the time, we all know that they have feelings and emotions. And it is perfectly acceptable for them to use them at any given time. Love poems are a great way for them to use so many emotions. They can feel happy, excited, loved, giddy, anxious, and so much more. They too may get butterflies in their stomachs. It is an amazing feeling for them to have and they deserve to relish in it.

Men typically will not expect love poems, especially if you have never given them any before. There are many ways you can give them to them. Perhaps you can present them to him while you are there. Then you can see the expression on his face. However, if you know that he will be emotional and will not want you to see him, you can put it so he can find it on his own. Consider putting it on the front seat of his car so when he leaves he can read it in privacy. Or tape it to the bathroom mirror for him to read once he gets up in the morning. Put it by his coffee pot in the morning so he can read it while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Other creative methods include sending the love poem in the mail, addressing it to him. Or if he takes him lunch to work, place it in his lunch pail. You could put it under his pillow for him to find at night, or hide it in his sock drawer. Or place it in his wallet.

As you can see, there are various ways that you can present the love poem to your man, either with you present or not present.

I Know You By Heart
I know you by heart like my favorite song
Every little thing that makes you special
The good, the bad, and everything in between
It’s what makes me feel the way I do

I know you like a well traveled forest path
So familiar and comforting
Being in your arms is safety
And I never want to leave

I Never Knew
I never knew that I could love a man so strong
Every fear that I once had now gone
The world isn’t such a scary place
When I stroke your cheek and kiss your face

I never thought my heart could feel so free
Until I met you and I knew that it was meant to be
The sky began to look a little bit brighter
The weight upon my shoulders so much lighter

I’m Glad that I Hung On
I can’t help you how glad I am to have found you
For so long I felt lost
A frightened bird blown around inside a storm
No longer beaten, worn, and tossed

There were many times I wanted to give up
So weak and ready to live alone
But since I met you that one fateful day
My heart and soul have really grown

My Rock
You are the man of my dreams
My steady soldier standing tall
Ready to defend me from whatever comes
To keep me safe so I don’t fall

Whatever happens I know that I’ll be fine
As long as I have you by my side
To wipe away my tires
And rescue me from the sweeping tide

Always My Guy
Whatever happens to us
I know that you will always be my guy
To laugh along with joy
And hold me when I cry

Even the strongest wings can’t knock us down
And I know that you will be the one
Always my loyal guy
You’ll never hide or run


The fact is that poetry can be just as good of a way to communicate with your partner as simply talking. It lets them know how you feel in a way that you wouldn’t normally be able to express. If you really want your guy to feel appreciated, you might want to read him some of these poems. He will most likely feel even stronger about you than before.


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