“Will using text messages to get your ex boyfriend back really work or it’s just a waste of time? And won’t it make me look desperate?” If you are a lady who has recently broken up with your boyfriend you’ve probably have asked yourself these sort of questions quite often. In fact, you probably were doing so just now and this is why you are reading this. Well, the truth is that we’ve at some point in time taken a break or called it quits with our boyfriends. Maybe it was your fault or his but the truth is/was you wanted him back so bad that you couldn’t help but think about him all the time. Call it obsession, but you discovered that life without him was unbearable.

Why Don’t People Send Texts To Have Their Ex Boyfriend Back?

Thanks to technology and easy phone accessibility, texting is fast becoming the main mode of building intimate relationships. You probably sent your ex text messages when you were getting to know him, and he also sent you texts wanting to know how you were doing and if you too were thinking about him. So, how come it is so easy to send the texts when things are rosy but you fear to break the ice when things aren’t so rosy? The simple answer is because we fear looking clueless, or are yet to embrace text messaging as a way of rekindling the affair or passion. But, the truth is sending texts are proving to be quite effective as long as you have the right strategy.

Where Do People Go Wrong When Text Messages To Their Ex?

An obvious fact is that more and more women are turning to text messages so as to lure there ex boyfriend back. Many find it more effective especially when it comes to breaking the ice. This approach also helps women who are a bit shy or too embarrassed to approach their exes. But, why is it that many women fail to get their ex back. First of all, they probably lack a strategy and will simply whip up some words and phrases which will not make your boyfriend obsess or want to come back to you. Secondly, it’s all about time; you either are sending it too late or too soon.

Why You Need the Right Strategy

As earlier stated, it’s not that text messaging doesn’t work but the sender lacks the proper strategy. What you need to know is that the approach you used to lure your boyfriend the first time will not necessarily work and you need to have a fresh strategy. Forget about resending rehashed texts. Forget about using texts that you “THINK” will drive him nuts about you. What you need is the right plan that taps into his mind and allows you to control his feelings. In fact, the first text will not only break the ice but will arouse his deep feelings about you. He will be obsessing and fantasizing about you and will be calling or texting you sooner-rather-than-later. How cool is that?

What Is The Right Strategy To Using Text Messages To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back?

There are all kinds of tips and guides on how to use text messages to get him back right where you need him. But truth of the matter is that not all methods work. in fact, some will end up making you look like a “Text Terrorist.” You don’t want to crash his phone with multitude texts, do you? The next thing you know is him running to the hills. To get him back simply follow the tips below:

– Use His Psychology to Your Advantage

Men are no different from women especially when it comes to relationships, break ups, and wanting to rekindle the romance. After the break up your boyfriend will think “I’m going to let her text me first.” This is what you will also be thinking. You can take advantage of his mindset by using the “No Contact Rule.” At the end of it he will be like “why isn’t she texting me. I hope she hasn’t moved on. Gosh, I don’t want to lose her.” The next course of action is pretty obvious.

– Don’t Act too Desperate or Clingy

Getting him back is not so much about the texts but how you use them to your advantage. Yes, you are dying to have him in your arms. Yes, you know he is the best thing to have happened to you. But you don’t have to show it or look desperate. Simply, choose texts that are very casual and simple but will arouse his emotions. This is after remaining silent for at least 30 days.

– Timing Is Key

Many ladies have blown or messed up their chances by sending the right text at the wrong time. The goal is to use his psychology to manipulate him without him knowing. For instance, you already know his daily schedule and mood patterns. So, you can slip in a simple text message when you are sure he is relaxed, calm and probably happy. Not, when he is brainstorming or in a meeting at work.

– Make the First Text Count

The type of text you send the first time will determine whether he will be calling or texting you back or completely ignore you. Obviously, no one wants to be ignored or snubbed. You may talk about something that reminded you of him. Maybe a character in a book you are reading or movie you just watched. Of course it has to be a positive and if possible flattering comparison.

You probably are confused or overwhelmed with the tips that have been mentioned above. You may be wondering where to start, how to compose yourself, or what approach you need to follow. Well, you don’t have to worry as there is a complete guide that will assist you in your journey to having him obsessing and running back into your arms. The proven strategy on Using Text Messages To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back comes in a PDF ebook that takes you through simple and proven steps. You also don’t have to be experienced or a suave talker. Well, what are you waiting for.Take advantage of this guide and get your ex boyfriend back.


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