There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your significant other’s face light up with a grin or smile so big that it could span across the globe. Of course, you are only going to garner this kind of reaction if you actually give him a gift that catches him off guard. Sure, this is much easier said than done. This is especially true when you have a boyfriend that already has everything. There is simply no denying that there are some men who are more than challenging to shop for, but with the following items and information, you shouldn’t have a problem getting him excited no matter the occasion. Whether it is his birthday, an anniversary date, or Valentine’s Day, you will be able to knock your lover’s socks off with these gifts.

A Customized Shaving Kit

It doesn’t matter if your beau likes to go bald or he likes to rock the full beard; he is going to need a grooming kit. Chances are that he probably already has one, but does he have one of the newest models or one with the latest innovations? Electric razors have come a long way over the past couple of years. In fact, some now include docking stations that charge, clean, and lubricate your razor right in one convenient place. All you have to do is drop the razor in the docking station after you are done using it and the station will do the rest. This simple little innovation will make your beau’s life easier while saving him tons of hassle and time in the process.

Keep That Beard Conditioned

If your boyfriend or lover is the type to rock a full-grown beard, then he is going to need to keep it conditioned. There is nothing currently available on the market that will help him do just that better than hydrating oil. This innovative oil will not only soften up wayward bristles but will also keep your lover’s beard smelling and looking fresh. There are also a number of organic formulas available that encourage better growth rates as well.

A Bartending Set

What guy doesn’t love a cold brew after a hard day’s work? Heck, you probably like a drink after a hard day’s work. And this is precisely why a bartending set makes the perfect gift for any guy. Sure, most guys like to drink beer, but a cocktail kit will really give him a chance to experience something new. Plus, he will get to experiment around with his favorite liquors, so he can always put his unique spin on things. Keep in mind that some of these kits come along with handy illustrated guides that show you how to make a favorite of different classical drinks.

The Scented Panties

Do you want to be the cool girlfriend? The girlfriend that does things differently? If so, then you should consider giving your boyfriend a pair of scented panties. When you shop with high-end providers like Scented Pansy, you and your boyfriend can go online together and browse the database of different girls. Let your boyfriend choose which lady he wants his panties to come from, and then the two of you can use them to play a variety of fun bedroom games. All men fantasize about other women, and with these panties, you can give your boyfriend a chance to experience something new without cheating.

A Phone Holder For The Car

What guy doesn’t have a cell phone these days? In fact, most guys have their phones attached to their hips or heads at all times. And, this is precisely where the car phone holder can come in handy. It will give your beau a safe place where he can store his phone while he is driving down the freeway. It’ll also make his trip much safer because he can just activate the speaker and go hands-free when making or taking important calls.


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