One of the greatest misconceptions that exist amongst men while they are dating women is that they can make up stories just like that to attract women. But as opposed to that the truth is that women often feel that men who seem to be telling chivalrous stories all the time and keep blowing their horns are simply bragging and boring individuals. This is true but what is also true is that it is not really the stories but the way the stories are told that negatively affects the mentality of most women.

Hence, to save the situation experts share a very handy dating advice for men. The dating advice so goes that men should obviously tell stories but in a way that helps demonstrate their high status. While you try understanding women you need to get it straight that all you should do is portray your positive qualities without repining to the repulsive element of bragging. Do not make your stories such that they forcefully highlight on your various accomplishments.

While dating women as you are through the process of understanding women you have to learn to recognize upon the thin line between foolishly bragging and talking a little emotionally on your past.Confidence is good for impressing women while you are dating women. But getting full of your self can prove to be devastating. Remember this dating advice.

Dating tips for Men

Men nurture the common universal idea that women tend to fall for men who have a hotshot job and a lot of money. Well dating experts say though women are actually attached to these facts and choose on men depending on these elements, yet a man should never come out on face with his biodata and start talking about his great job while he is dating women. Better use stories in such situations. Understanding women and their mentality is not at all an easy task.

While dating women as you create a nice and interesting story, do talk about the various ways in which you have worked your way to success in your life. But be careful to do that in a way that is not even near bragging. This is in fact a very significant dating tip for men. The idea is to make all men realize that you will obviously say you are a great person, but do not come of with it saying it right on face.

While explaining the dating tips for men that come in real handy for all guys when dating women, one of the most important things that experts highlight is the list of elements that women prefer in guys they date. These include, adventure, health, wealth, status, social intuition, leadership qualities, humor, mindset to face challenge and pre-selection by other women.

So while understanding women to make dating women easier for you, you need to know that irrespective of the kind of life you live, you can intelligently craft a few interesting stories that portray these traits in your character. So the dating advice is while dating women, as you try to avoid bragging, create and spin your stories in a way so that they do not portray you to have a self-centered nature.

An example that will help you in understanding Women Preferences

Let us take it for example, that as a potential guy you want to highlight on your healthy and adventurous lifestyle in order to attract the opposite sex while dating women. May be you have taken part in the marathons in different parts of the country a number of times and still like doing it. So this is something you will obviously want to talk about while dating women. But you should never start bragging how you took part in all these sprints and races and how many medals you won. It is a sure dating advice that this way you will end up either annoying the women or just make them feel bored.

On the contrary, the dating tips that you should follow in this context while dating women is to talk to them in a more round about way. You can simple introduce your healthy lifestyle to the women by telling them about a particular exciting race that you once took part in and how adventurous an experience it was. While dating women, rather than talking about your own self, always try to create the story in a kind of a way that you mention the beautiful meadows and the winding hilly paths you ran through or the beautiful sun set you saw on the way.

This is a rather humble story which serves multifarious purposes for you. On one hand you explain the adventure and the scenic beauty you saw on the way sharing your experience, while on the other hand you give a sound knowledge of your strong health and happening lifestyle. You can actually help say all of that without even the little bit of bragging and still end up dating women successfully. That is how you need to go about understanding women.


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