Understanding how men think is one subject that many women have overlooked and/or oversimplified. Just because men are more left-brained, it doesn’t mean that they’re cut-off from their feelings. And just because they’re sexually more aggressive, it doesn’t mean that they mostly think with their crotch when they deal with (pretty) women.

Yes, men and women differ in their way of thinking. That makes it difficult for a man and a woman to understand each other. Without willingness to understand and fulfill the expectations and the needs of each other, it is impossible to reach happiness in relationship.

There is a long long way to walk on to reach that “heaven on earth” happiness. But, like the proverb says: “A journey of thousand miles started with the first step”, let’s make the first step: learn more to have better understanding on how men think!

Understanding How Men Think

Maybe we never really realize how different are men from women. To be extreme, maybe the only similarity between them is the desire to love and to be loved! But even in this only one similarity, lies a difference that is noteworthy. What is it? Okay, enough talking. Let’s see it, and the others, one by one.

– Yes, just like women, men love to be loved! Actually, they need it more than women! But they need it in the different way than you do.

If you love your man to hug you, kiss you, caress you, listen to you and say that magical three words to you, your man on the other hand, craves you to adore him, trust him, appreciate him for his achievements and for what he has done for you. The words “I trust you” can do wonders to men….

– While women base their decisions more on feeling, for men, feeling is only one factors of many. Understanding how men think must take this fact into account. For a woman, if I love you and you love me, we should get married and “live happily ever after”. But men will consider many other things.

A gentleman, before he came to his decision to propose you, for example, he should have gone through many consideration: “Will she fit to my goals?”, “Won’t she become a stumbling block in my career path?”, “Do I need her company through this life?”, “How secured am I financially?”, etc.

– Lust is a heady experience for men. It can make any men thinks with his crotch and throws away his sensible judgments. While sex can make most women feel bonded to the man she made love with, for men sex is just sex. Sex alone will not make him feel bonded to the woman. That’s how men think about sex.

– Unlike women who are more sensitive to words and to what they hear, men are more sensitive to their sight. That’s why your appearance plays an important role in attracting men.

– How men think and behave when they’re angry or troubled? They tend to withdraw themselves from you. Give them time to be alone. Don’t nag them. And don’t take it personally. No need to feel rejected.

They just want to be alone, to regain control over themselves. That’s the way men handle their stresses. When the time is right, they will tell you what troubled them.

– When a man upset, he becomes more sensitive to your voice tone. How you say it becomes more important than what you say.

– While women can pay attention to a lot of things at the same time, men naturally focus to one at a time. It’s called compartmental thinking. That’s how men think.

– In romantic relationship, men look for something that they don’t have: femininity. They are very much looking for someone that cares for them, that cares about them.

– That brings to this: in general, men prefer long hair because it makes the woman looks more feminine.

– Still related to femininity, men generally don’t really like smoking women. Subconsciously, men still relate cigarette to manhood. But worse than that, cigarette makes any woman looks cheap and easy, too. You don’t like it? But that’s how men think about women who smoke. Or at least, most of them.

– Your men hate to argue with you. They prefer a compromise.

– Men hate it when you expect them to know what you want or feel without telling them.

– Don’t make it a habit to tell your man what to do without him asking. They hate it. You’re his woman, not his mother!

– Men don’t like it if you tell them that they don’t really mean their compliments. It’s makes them want to stop giving it.

– Sometimes men have strange or very sexual thoughts. But hardly they take it seriously. And they won’t tell anybody about it either.

– If you cheat, you will hurt the most sensitive part of your man’s being: his pride. Forgiving you would be almost impossible for him!

– Your man might not remember everything you deem important. But that does not mean he doesn’t love you.

– Your man wants you to respect him before his friends, family or in public. Even when you two are still in disagreements.

– If you smile sincerely with your nicest smile, without asking for anything, it will make him want to please you.

– Just like you, men also have their own insecurities. Maybe even more than you think. That’s why your respect is very important to him. In fact, being respected is more important for men than being loved.

– Don’t talk about your ex without him asking you. He doesn’t like it!

– If your man says something but does the contradictory, then pay attention more to what he does instead of what he says.

– Men hate it when they must guess what was wrong. You’d better tell them whatever it is in your heart so that they can know and do better next time.

– It’s not your good career that makes your man worries. It is you if you start to act as if you no longer need him as much as before.

– Men don’t always know what they feel. It’s their brain structure that makes them like that. So, don’t nag him if, when you asked him what he felt, he didn’t answer you clearly. It’s maybe just because he simply doesn’t know!

Ok folks, that’s all for now. I hope you understand better now about how men think and can use this knowledge to enrich your romantic life with the man you love.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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