You may have picked out the perfect gift for your spouse this, but there’s something much bigger you can do to put a smile on her face – no cash required!

The holidays are a notoriously busy time for those in relationships.

There are family dinners, social events, gift-giving, turkey prepping, and time spent with the kids. This busy calendar is bustling with excitement, but it can also be stressful and leave little opportunity for couples to spend quality time together.

Don’t let the holidays overwhelm your partner!

We’re dishing out marriage advice for men for the top 5 things to do to make your spouse really happy this holiday.

1. Take a Breath

Do yourself and your spouse a favor by learning to take a breath together.

The holidays can be overwhelming, especially for couples. You’re buying presents, attending functions, possibly working late, and feeling the financial strain of the season.

Take a breath by carving out quality time to relax with your spouse. Take a bath together, spend an evening being intimate,

You can also take a figurative breath by watching your words.

It can be unfortunately easy to say things you don’t really mean when you are under stress during the holiday season.

This year instead of saying: “I feel like I’m doing all the holiday shopping alone!”

Try: “I would love it if you joined me to do the rest of the holiday shopping.”

Instead of saying: “You’re tired? I’m tired! When will this holiday ever end!”

Try: “I’m frustrated and I know you are too. Is there anything I can do to help reduce your tension?”

Instead of saying: “I don’t even care about this dinner. It’s your family, you deal with it!”

Try: “I love spending time with our families, but I can’t wait until we can have some time alone to relax together.”

You’d be amazed at how happy you can make your spouse by staying calm during times of high-stress. Instead of adding to the potential anxiety of the season, you’ll be her comforter and protector.

2. Remind them You Appreciate Them

Studies show that the expression of gratitude in a relationship was one of the highest predictors in relationship satisfaction.

One way you can express gratitude for your spouse is by getting them a gift.

This doesn’t have to be expensive. Sure, you can surprise her with diamond earrings, but writing her a sweet note and wrapping it around her favorite chocolate bar will get the point across equally as strong.

In a time when people are focused on getting gifts and eating turkey, it wouldn’t hurt to maintain your manners.

If your spouse does something nice for you, even if it’s an everyday act like making your coffee or bringing you breakfast, say thank you!

Another way you can show your spouse appreciation is by giving them compliments.

What woman doesn’t want to be complimented every once in a while? (Okay, we admit. We want to hear it every day!) One simple and easy way you can make her smile is by telling her she’s a great mom or saying how beautiful she is.

One piece of marriage advice for men? Don’t say this unless you mean it.

If she’s jumping out of bed first thing in the morning with greasy hair and dirty sweatpants and you’re raving about how sexy she is, you’d better mean it because she will be able to see through empty flattery.

3. Be Helpful

One huge piece of holiday marriage advice is to go out of your way to be helpful.

If you have a homemaker wife or are married to someone who loves to host events, they will likely be very busy during the holidays. You can help by:

  • Offering to cook dinner
  • Helping with the kids
  • Clean up around the house
  • Look for areas where you can be helpful
  • Have a positive attitude, especially when she’s stressed
  • Do things without being asked
  • Make her laugh (studies show that couples who laugh regularly feel satisfied and supported in their marriage)

If you want to be helpful during the holidays, why not do so as a couple?

Studies show that shared activities boost marital satisfaction. Boost your satisfaction by volunteering at a soup kitchen, shelter, or host a toy drive this season.

4. Take Care of Yourself

You can promote marital harmony by working on communication, being honest with each other, and expressing love and support. However, you can also make your spouse happy by doing things that are a little more shallow – like taking care of your appearance!

People like looking at attractive things. That means your partner loves checking you out, so give her something extra festive to look at this year.

Focus on exercising and staying healthy this holiday season. Stay clean-shaven or well-trimmed, dress up, and make sure you smell great.

This marriage advice is sure to put that extra flirty swing in her step.

5. Spend More Time Together

A huge piece of marriage advice for men is to carve out some quality time this season. No matter how busy you are, don’t let your social obligations outweigh your date night.

Research done by The National Marriage project shows that a regular date night can boost romantic love that is linked to passion and excitement. A regular date night is also shown to help couples put the other one first, boost communication, and boost sexual satisfaction.

Research proves that couples experience a surge of happiness and lowered stress when spending quality time together with their spouse.

This is especially true of making time for physical intimacy, which not only improves health but also promotes bonding.

Marriage advice for men: Don’t let the honeymoon period in your relationship have a shelf life. Show your spouse they are loved and appreciated this holiday season.

Take time to relax, be thoughtful and helpful around the house, and be sure to make quality time a priority throughout your busy holiday schedules.

She’ll be happy you did.


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