With almost everything going mobile, it does not come as a big surprise when online dating follows suite. Online dating has become a huge market and as it is so huge there are hundreds of dating apps to download. Some of them are good and some are just junks which you should stay away from. If you’re looking to meet someone online, this list will be very helpful.

So read on as we are going to talk about some of the best dating apps out there. We’ve done a huge research to make sure these are privacy safe and virus free dating apps so you can be sure that using them won’t hurt you and your device.


Top 20 Best Dating Apps for iOS and Android Systems


Tinder appTinder is perhaps the mobile app that transformed internet dating and made it more fun and exciting. A user needs to create a simple profile and upload a few photos, then make a brief description of themselves. Based on the information that the user filled on their profile, the application intuitively displays singles available near them. If a person likes the profile of a particular user, they swipe the photo to the right. Otherwise, they swipe to the left. If two users swipe right on each other, it becomes possible for them to send each other messages and hopefully start something worthwhile.

Download: iOS | Android


Hitch appIt is a dating app that lets the user play the ‘Matchmaker’, instead of using a computer algorithm to offer potential matches. The user should log into his or her Facebook account and select two friends that they wish to hook up. Next the user sends the two friends an introductory message explaining why the two friends are a good match, and the two friends can start chatting. At first the interactions between the two single friends remain anonymous until they both decide to show their identities. In most cases, the hitches end up in conversations and eventually dating.

Download: iOS


Match.com appMatch.com is a respected online dating app that run on both Android and iOS platforms. The app is a freemium service where a person is either a free or a premium user. What one needs to do is to set up an online user account and update their profile by uploading a few photos and then start flirting with potential mates using ‘winks’. If the ‘winks’ generate positive feedback, the user gets matches notifications. For a person to use more features such as seeing who viewed their profile or liked their pictures, he or she must subscribe to the premium service.

Download: iOS | Android


PlentyOfFish appPlenty Of Fish or POF is perhaps one of the largest free dating apps. It is quite popular and boasts of over 70 million users. To join this vast ocean of plenty of fishes, one needs to set up a profile and give their age, height, profession, and education level. The user then searches for the potential matches and sends messages to the ones he or she desires. Although the app does not offer robust profiles, it makes up for that by providing the biggest pool for getting a potential date.

Download: iOS | Android


down appThere are times when a person desires a short-term relationship. They might just want a short fling, or they may crave instant action. In such a case, the Down app comes in handy. The platform lets a user connect to his or her Facebook account and select any of their friends, or friends of their friends to the third degree that he or she wishes to date. For the friend to see the user’s selection, however, they too must also select the user. If two friends strike a match, they plan on how to ‘get down.’

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Tastebuds appTastebuds is a dating app built around music. It connects users who share the same musical interests and are living near each other. The user needs to set up an account, create a profile, and share their favorite music, songs or artists. A user can upload their music preference by importing from their Facebook or Last.fm account. Alternatively one could use the Tastebuds’ settings page to add the favorites one by one. Once the profile is complete, the user can start interacting with other music lovers. If they find a desirable user and the desired partner likes them back, the app informs the user of the match.

Download: iOS


Score appThe score is more of a dating game platform than a dating application. Instead of the traditional dating approach of matching partners based on their location, tastes, and preferences, Score matches them based on their personalities. The app incorporates a gaming component to finding love, where the user must answer risqué and odd questions on different topics while interacting with someone they want. When the two users provide matching answers, their score with each other increases. As a result, they get to unlock extra information about their partner. The game goes on until the users make a perfect Score, or they open the chatting feature to pursue their quest for a real date.

Download: iOS


Happn appThe Happn is an app driven by real life interactions. It shows the user the different people that he or she has physically crossed paths with regularly. It is location-based in that it tracks the exact places that the user passed by, for instance, a bookstore, coffeehouse, the park, bar or restaurant. It also reveals other Happn users who frequent those places too. If a user desires another user, but they failed to meet, the app gives them an opportunity to make up for the missed interaction.

Download: iOS | Android


Once appThe app offers a relatively new yet interesting twist to dating, where the users get to focus on only one potential date per day. The app sends one match to each user at noon every day. Whereby the user and their paired partner each gets to see each other’s profile at the same time. If when looking at each other’s profile and both partners want to pair up, the app lets them connect and talk. However, if a person is not interested, they can ignore the profile and wait for another one the following day. The Once matchmakers try to match clients using matching variables such as sexual orientation, looks, hobbies, appearance, and interests.

Download: iOS | Android


icon175x175This app will match you with anyone you walk by. They must have this app installed so that you can chat with them right away. This app is both fun and simple. Tangle is much fun because it can make chance encounter occur with anyone up your street. The opportunity might open up in a noisy bar, on a bus or during lunch. In fact, this app has an awesome memory for any face out there. Going back in time is a child’s play with this app, and you will be able to connect with anyone your’ve share a path with in the past. If someone has caught your eye, you can use this app to chat with that person. This is one of the best dating apps out there.

Download: iOS

The Dating Ring

icon175x175 (1)This app is just a professional matchmaking app that will take you out of any dating situation. If you are busy, this app is a godsend for you. In fact, you won’t have to lift a single finger because the app will do the research up front, so you just have to relax and have fun. You can either pay for a monthly subscription or pay for dates, whichever you prefer. Moreover, you can try this service out completely free. Answering some questions is all you need to do because this app will take care of the rest. In fact, you will avoid the endless messaging and searching online thanks to this app.

Download: none

Ok Cupid

Ok Cupid appThis app is based on a traditional dating site but it is a very good service for anyone. Though you might receive some creeper messages from time to time, the app will show you many high quality users that you can chat with in no time. In addition, you will view who is online, get the famous match of the day and search for anyone based on specific data. You can also attend a single event mixer so that you can get out of your house and start out dating even more over time.

Download: iOS | Android

The Grade

the grade app reviewThis app will use a grade to measure how elegible a date you are. Next it will grade you on a short scale of A to F, and the data will be based on your pictures, messages and other things. This app will weed out a lot of creeper messages that you might get from time to time. In fact, you won’t hide behind any profile increasing your changes of getting the date of your dreams. If you want to connect with high quality singles, this is the app for you. This app will hold you accountable for your behavior thanks to a proprietary algorithm. You will get instructions on how to improve your score.

Download: iOS


Siren appThis app will allow users to control who can see them in the app based on the answers they get for their questions. You can even generate a conversation thanks to a special service called “question of the day” which is very useful. The “siren call” feature will allow women to call out to each one of the gentlemen using the app. Some users don’t like the app as they have to submit tons of questions before seeing the female behind these questions. In fact, this is the app women should use if they want to call the shots in no time.

Download: iOS

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel appYou will get a ‘bagel’ match per day and this will be based on your profile. A private chat will pop up if you like each other, which will expire within a week. You will focus on one match every single day, and you will not have to sift through a lot of condidates at all times. If you are a serious dater, this is the app for you, though it doesn’t have the high frequency that you will see in Tinder, for instance. You will not have to do any kind of multitasksing as there will be less things for you to worry about. This app is based on the idea that meeting the people you want doesn’t have to be either complicated or awkward.

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unnamedThis app makes online dating cool again. For instance, you just have to swipe left to like a profile or swipt right to pass. Isn’t it fun? Yes, it is. You only chat with the users that you have swiped in the past. Anyway, you might find a lot of people only seeking hook ups as well as many creepy guys or gals, but this app is addicting, easy and fun to use. Tinder is the app you need to use if you want to meet someone who can change your life for the better. In addition, you will be able to control who will message you at all times.

Download: iOS | Android


Bumble-IconIn this app women will have to make the very first move twenty four hours after the match is made otherwise the connection just disappears forever. Since the app has been launched internationally, women can match a man across the country. This app will allow you to filter through bots and empty swipes. By swiping right you will be added to the other person’s ‘hive’ of connections so that both can chat over time. You can even extend one connection a day to add 24 hours right away. Men will know that they are not wasting their time because a woman has to get in touch with them quickly.

Download: iOS


Hinge iconYou will only match with friends of your friends. This is a cool and safe way to match anyone. You know that meeting ramdom people might not be quite good or effective for you. This app will allow you to weed out a lot of bots as it will limit how many matches you can get a day which will be based on your network. The app will send both parties an introduction, and each one of them will know a lot of information about the other person´s work and education upfront. This is the app that you need to use if you are serious about dating someone online as soon as possible.

Download: iOS

The Catch

Catch-iconWomen will have a lot of fun with this app as they will make tons of men play a beautiful Q&A game. Then women will narrow down those men just based on their answers. You will have a lot of fun here because of the combination of a game with the thrill of being chased. If you are looking for an entertaining and fun way to get a match online, this is the app you need to download and install today. Men will save a lot of time down the road because they will not have to message any women out there or sort through tons of profiles just to waste tons of time. This is one of the best dating apps out there.

Download: still in beta stage

What are you waiting for? Download and install any of these dating apps and start having some fun right now. Do You know any other good app not listed here? Share is in the comments section. You might also be interested of our 10 best hook up apps collection.

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  1. I had no idea that there were so many dating apps! Some of them really sound interesting, like the Tastebuds app. Finding someone with the same music preference would be an ideal way to start a conversation. Maybe you could meet somewhere to listen to a band and have a couple of drinks.
    The Tangle app also sounds interesting. It would be a way to keep the mystery in a chance encounter with someone. Instead of planning the date and trying to come up with something to do, you would just do a spontaneous thing together. Sounds like a great idea!
    I wonder if users are rating these apps to see how they rank.

  2. Jim, I haven’t heard of many of these either, except for Tinder. I remember when the days when you had the break the ice by simply saying Hello! My the times they are a changing!

  3. Thanks for the list and your review on each, I’m sure there are a lot of people that will find this article helpful. I will be passing this on to my half brother, he’s been trying out several different dating sites and apps and I don’t think he’s found the one that suits him yet. So, perhaps he will find the best app in this list. Thanks and I’m looking forward to more articles like these 🙂

  4. Great job with listing each of these apps like this! It’s helpful to see them all in one place and to know how they work/what to expect. I had no idea there were so many decent ones out there!

  5. Great list! There are so many of them it’s hard to find a good one nowadays.
    They are more and more app with ridiculous concepts, like blume http://getblume.com/, or cuplo http://cuplo.net . I’m not judging people using theses apps, but I think a useful dating app should just have a traditional concept. And we need more romantism! Be kind!

    Love, Julia

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