Sometimes, it can be hard to come up with original Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. Indeed, sometimes it can be hard to come up with reasonably good Mother’s Day gift ideas – never mind original ones! If this year you fancy getting your mother a gift on Mother’s Day that breaks away from the boring ‘chocolates and flowers’ clickbait and are struggling to think of something else you can buy, do not despair! Because, with the Top Ten Mother’s Day gift ideas, you will see that there are always alternatives! Choose one of these stunning Mother’s Day gift ideas, and you can guarantee your Mum will be tickled pink this Mother’s Day!

Choosing the right gift for Mother’s Day can be really difficult. Even if you know your Mum, like your best friend, buying her something for Mother’s Day can be the most daunting prospect! To help,, I’ve compiled the Top 10 Mother’sMother’s Day Gifts so that your Mum gets something that she’ll really love this year,, and you’ll be in her good books until at least Christmas!

Our Top 10 Mothers Day Gifts

10. Not Quite Diamonds

 Not Quite DiamondsDiamonds may be a girl’s best friend but unless you’ve made that million pounds you’ve always dreamed about they’re a little bit out of reach for us mere workers. That’s why we have Swarovski Crystal. A cheaper but dazzling alternative, Swarovski makes beautiful jewelry that sparkles just like the real thing. Not quite diamonds start our list of the Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts.

9. Perfume

Perfume Gift Idea for mothers dayNext on the list of Top 10 Mothers Day Gifts is perfume. Perfume is one of life’s little luxuries. Either choose the perfume that your Mum already wears or choose something yourself for that personal touch. If you’re going it alone, choose by thinking about what you’re Mum is like and what she likes. Is she a summer person? Does she like the smell of flowers? You’ll soon get the hang of it.

8. Smellies

Smellies gift ideas for mothers dayNo.8 in our Top 10 Mothers Day Gifts is ‘smellies.’ It’s not quite the same as perfume, and easier to buy if you need to figure out what your Mum likes; go for gift boxes with sample-sized body lotions or bath oils so that your Mum can choose her favorite and you can get her that one next time! Molton Brown does a great range if you’ve got cash to splash. Otherwise, Boots Sanctuary is more budget luxury.

7. Make up

Make up Gift Ideas for mothers dazAll Mums love to look glamourous, they just don’t often get the chance to. A little luxury item of makeup like a YSL Touche Eclat will go straight to your Mum’s heart! Don’t worry if that’s a little out of your budget; no. 7 do great gift packs at great value.

6. Music

Music gift idea for mothers dazGetting the No. 6 spot in our Top 10 Mothers Day Gifts is music. You’ll probably know who your Mum likes to listen to, but if you’re struggling, there are plenty of compilation albums on the market made specifically for Mums on Mother’s Day. If you want to go for something truly personal, make your Mum a CD with a selection of her favorite music.

5. Flowers

Flowers Gift Ideas For Mothers DayFlowers are always appreciated whatever the occasion. Mother’s Day is no exception. Flowers don’t need to be expensive or flashy; in fact, she’ll love them more if you’ve found them yourself and put together a bunch just for her.

4. Chocolates

Chocolates Gift idea for mothers dayNo Mothers Day would be complete without no. 4 on our list of the Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts – good old chocolate. Treat her to something she wouldn’t buy herself that shows you’ve spent some time and given it some thought.

3. Gadgets

Gadgets gift idea for mothers dayOk, so most Mums we know aren’t altogether ‘techie’ but the odd gadget to make her life easier is always a hit. Forget irons and saucepans; look at cute little gadgets that massage, pamper, or preen your Mum.

2. Something to Read

books gift idea for mothers dayAnd time to read it. If your Mum loves books, buy her a selection that you think she would like. Write a note in each to tell her why you chose it, and she’ll keep it forever. Books are a universal gift that can be used on many occasions.

1. Something with Love

Something with Love gift idea for mother's daySomething with Love Sounds simple, but something that you’ve thought about, made, drawn or created is number one on our Top 10 Mothers Day Gifts List. Please take a photo of you and your siblings or do a painting and get it framed; get a kit to make a mug or make a pot. It may take a little time and effort, but she’ll love it. Forever.

OK, but where to buy all these things?

This is probably the real question to ask if you’re looking for gifts for mom. Don’t think you can walk into a mall and expect big flashy signs to point you to a store for unique and perfect gifts for mom. That’s never going to happen. Shop everywhere you know that might have something your mom or wife (who happens to be the mother of your children) would like. It can be in a store or online.

Take gift baskets, go online, and search the hell out of every kind. Try Mother’s Day fruit baskets or a unique concept like fruit bouquets; if you can have a circus elephant, bring your mom balloons and go for it. The point is to think significant and think original. Gift baskets are best bought in stores where they’ve packed everything nice and tight. There’s little risk that the goodies inside will be damaged, so you can ship them off to your grandmother or your sister or aunt for a special Mother’s Day surprise without worrying about a trail of crumbs.

Finally, coffee break baskets are great gifts to relax and enjoy. While you may not be able to give Mom a hand with her chores, you can give her a relaxing break. Let mom know she deserves a break with a coffee gift basket filled with chocolates, gourmet coffee, and tasty treats. If your mom is a tea lover, you can send her a tea gift set that she can share with family and friends.

In conclusion, there are so many ways to show your appreciation to Mom. You can send her a Mother’s Day gift basket, breakfast baskets, gardening gifts, spa gifts, red roses, and a coffee basket. She will love any of these gifts and your message of gratitude.


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  1. Can you believe my mother wants a new laptop? The one she has doesn’t work so well on Pinterest or so she says! She’s very modern and has a FB and Pinterest accounts with a good amount of followers so I’m going to get her a new laptop. She’s going to be thrilled. She well in her 50s but she has a young heart and always likes to goof around and she’s definitely my best friend. I could talk with her for hours on end and not get bored.

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