Making a woman happy can be hard when it comes to finding the right gift. However, certain things seem to appeal to pretty much any lady out there. Obviously, there are exceptions here and there, but here is a list of valuable ideas. Finding the right Christmas gift should be way more manageable now.

OXA Smart Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

OXA Smart Natural Himalayan Salt LampThe Himalayan salt lamp can decorate any kind of room overnight. It provides warm light and comes with two replacement bulbs. The acrylic diamonds make the difference once you turn it on. It has multiple certifications and also works as an air purifier. After all, salt crystals are mined in Asia. Once they heat up, they release negative ions, so they remove unpleasant particles like cigarette smoke, pollen, and dust. Given their ability to neutralize electromagnetic radiation, your loved one will no longer feel tired in the morning. buy now

Lovery Spa Gift Basket

Lovery Spa Gift BasketNo woman will ever refuse a day at the spa, but how about you bring the spa to your girlfriend or wife? This luxurious set is beautifully packaged in a vintage design and brings in everything she might need: body scrub, bath salt, bubble bath, shower gel, bath bombs, and sponge. Moreover, it comes with a carry cosmetic bag and a gold tub. It features a white rose and jasmine fragrance to help her relax, and it is paraben free never been tested on animals either. Her skin will glow. buy now

23andMe DNA Test

23andMe DNA TestYour wife might know that her grandfather was born in Milan and her grandmother was born in Tel Aviv, but how about digging even deeper? No one can say no to a professional DNA test. The test implies providing a saliva sample using the kit and sending it back. There are no extra fees to pay. Results will be done within a couple of months, but they are definitely worth the wait. Furthermore, the scientists on site will also provide health-related information. buy now

HP Sprocket Photo Printer Black

 HP Sprocket Photo Printer BlackIn the age of technology, having some prints of you and your girl around can still make a good decoration. This compact printer is pocket-sized. You can print pictures on the spot. It connects to your smartphone. You also have to download the designated application, and you are ready to go. Anything that is on your phone can be printed –You can add borders, emojis, and others. The package comes with 10 sheets and allows printing within seconds. buy now

Tile Pro

Tile ProIf she is the type who misplaces everything, this little gadget will make her life easier. It can go as a caring and works with an application. She can use the smartphone to make the device ring when she cannot find her keys. The best part is it works the other way, too. Need help finding the phone? She should double press the button, and the phone will ring, even if it is set to silent. Even if the unit is a Tile Pro device that is too far away, other members can send updates regarding its location if they are closer. buy now

All-New Echo Plus

All-New Echo PlusThe second generation brings in lots of extras when compared to the previous one. If your loved one is into technology, she will love it. The Bluetooth device has a large speaker and proper sound quality. The built-in Zigbee hub will let you control literally any smart device around the house. She can turn up the thermostat and play her favorite song on Spotify with just a few words. The convenience of this device is just remarkable. buy now

THE NORTH FACE Women TNF Ascentials, Etip Gloves

THE NORTH FACE Women TNF Ascentials, Etip GlovesIf she is always on her smartphone, she probably hates the wintertime – too cold to ignore gloves, but impossible to wear and use the smartphone. Whether it comes to a call or a text message, she would have to take the gloves off every single time. Not anymore! This set of gloves from The North Face comes with a tip and a fake thumb that will perfectly imitate the human skin. In other words, she will be able to both keep warm and use her device. buy now

Kate Spade York As Good As Gold Gold-Tone Idiom Bangle Bracelet

 Kate Spade York As Good As Gold Gold-Tone Idiom Bangle BraceletYou can never go wrong with a simple romantic gift when it comes to the woman of your life. A simplistic gold bangle will work wonders. It can go with other accessories too, such as delicate watches or similar bracelets. Moreover, this bangle comes with a hidden message that no one will know about – except for her. Bring in some chocolate and a good wine, and you can call it a night. Make sure she actually likes gold first. buy now

Umbra 313017-221, Steel Prisma Multi-Photo Frame

Umbra 313017-221Designed by Sung Wook Park and available in more sizes, this photo frame is the ideal gift if you are not sure what might work. Every lady in the world likes personalized gifts, no doubt about it. A photo frame is the right option, then. Get one of the best pictures of you two together and fit it inside this innovative glass and metal frame. Apart from different sizes, you can also choose different styles, such as black, gold, or chrome, among others. buy now

Draizee Spa Basket for Women

Draizee Spa Basket for WomenThis spa set from Draizee is loaded with nothing but luxury. It features a few spa essentials that can keep your wife or girlfriend in the bathroom for hours. All in all, the package includes a shower gel, body scrub, bubble bath, bath puff, bath salt, and body lotion. They all carry the same strong vanilla fragrance – exotic and sexy at the same time. The set is so complete that your loved one will barely know what to start with. Get her favorite chocolate and an expensive wine for an even better night. buy now


As a short conclusion, you do have options when it comes to surprising your loved one. The good news is you do not even need to spend a fortune, but keep it sweet and friendly.


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