Have you ever been alone with your partner in bed, looking for intimate sexual contact and caress, but fact the man next to you is not particularly willing or his desire has gradually evaporated. Have I done anything wrong? Have I said anything which made him withdraw? Or maybe you are not enough interesting anymore.

Indeed, that lack of sexual desire and enthusiasm is very often due to some minor mistakes that women consciously or not allowed in their sexual relationship with the beloved one. Sometimes they feel so secure in love of their halves to such an extent , that allow themselves to say and do things, that are not the most intriguing and enticing .At first glance, the frustration and negative attitude of the man towards your itchy words at him is not obvious. Negativity is often accumulated in the man and he shows it in the most cherished moment. Explore below described love bugs, which females often make in bed and think about whether you can adjust your behaviours in case you have admitted them.

Things To Avoid In Bed:

Never watch TV while you are making love: Do not watch TV above his shoulder while he is putting every effort in his movements. Whatever on TV, and how laud the volume is, even if this is an erotic film, don’t watch it when he is just on the finish line. Keep in mind that any distraction at this point might totally kill your man’s desire.

Do not let yourself talk about things from your previous relationships. Do not tell him about things related to intimacy you had with the previous boyfriend. Do not tell him that your former boyfriend had a bigger penis or bigger muscles. Do not talk about the fantastic postures that you had with previous boyfriends but to give him a hint and lead him. Such tales could dethrone the most esteemed male.

Do not mock him. Don’t laugh and make fun of any part of his body, even metaphorically. Especially as for a scar, wound, or something else that distinguishes from others and you find it funny. Each focused attention on one part of his body could distract and make him angry. Better choose another delicate moment when to question him about his experience and the resulting trauma.

Do not try to assess him. This is not a competition or race. Do not compare him to former friends and do not make assessments particularly comparative ones. No man and woman would be pleased to listen constantly to the incredible skills of previous intimate partner.

Do not do it loudly. Do not let yourself scream and shout during sex when you are in the house of his parents. Although they are only on the floor below and there is no chance you hear. Just thought that you could be heard by his parents could embarrass him and to forget why he took off his clothes. Also, stories of the sort that at any time someone could come in, wouldn’t predispose him in the best way.

Be careful what names you mention in the bed. Be careful not to cry out the name of another man while you in bed together. It would be the greatest fiasco. Actually, this is the fastest way to finish with the love foreplay. Experience shows that this man reacts instantly. So be careful, and do not let such a boner for anything in the world unless you deliberately want to finish what you started.

Do not simulate and don’t aggrandize yourself. Do not pretend that you reach orgasm. Men never pretend to have an erection. Believe there is anything more unpleasant and offensive thing to understand that your partner simulates and that you really do not give him any pleasure. Be honest with him and if so, you should lead him in the in sexual intercourse in a manner you both achieve high satisfaction.

Do not light a cigarette when he is ready for action. Don’t light a cigarette when he is erected. Usually it means “Wait me to smoke my cigarette”, which is not definitely the most stimulating action. Even you may seriously offend the man beside you. If he is a non smoker, this could instantly make him dress up and leave. Moreover, smoky bed can interfere with the intensity and strength of your partner.

This is part of the common mistakes in bed made by women and young girls. Maybe if you look in detail at the behaviour of your partner, you might notice more. And you also find his mistakes. Don’t be embarrassed to guide him on your sexual desires this will improve your sexual relationships. And if you are wondering what men want in bed we can help.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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