If you have a friends-with-benefits relationship with someone, it’s important to know whether it could become something more. The harsh truth is that sometimes you are destined to remain friends with certain people, but that might not be the case. If you are hoping that your current friendship will eventually yield something more, it’s crucial that you read this article. We will go through some of the things you need to know before trying to take things to the next level with your FWB.

Looking for the Telltale Signs
There are some telltale signs that the person you are friends with benefits with could want something more. Think about whether or not this person shares personal details of their live when you hook up. Do they seem to be very friendly and invite you to do non-sexual things with them a lot? If they have ever asked you to meet their family, there is a good chance that they want to be more than just friends. If they want to go out to dinner and do other fun things that don’t involve sleeping together, you should take notice.

Are You Compatible?
While you may be sexually compatible with a certain person, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are meant to be together. You should take the time to think about how compatible you are as a couple rather than just in the bedroom. Do you share any of the same hobbies or interests? How similar are your basic values? These are just some of the things to consider before you determine how compatible you are with the person as a whole. The more compatible you are, the better your chances will be of turning your FWB situation into something more.

Decide How Long Your FWB Will Last
It is also important that you decide how much longer you are going to stay friends-with-benefits with the person. If you are interested in a serious relationship, you don’t want to continue the same dissatisfying dynamic with them forever. If you have any self respect at all, you have to set a time limit. The fact is that a friends with benefits situation will not work if one of the people involves has feelings for the other. It’s okay to give it some time to play out, but you don’t want to stand around waiting for them to come around indefinitely.

Emotional Availability
In order for a friends with benefits relationship to turn into a romantic one, both people need to be emotionally available. If the other person isn’t ready to make the leap into a real relationship, there is simply no hope. You also have to ask yourself whether or not it is something that you really want or are ready for. Sometimes people are just not in a place where they can handle a full-on relationship for one reason or another. There is nothing wrong with keeping things casual if you truly aren’t ready for more. Ask yourself if the other person seems like they are truly ready to settle down. If they are not, you should probably look elsewhere for a relationship.

Don’t Force it
If you really want something more than just friends with benefits, you can’t force it. You have to just let things develop naturally. The more you try to force things, the less likely they will be to work out in your favor. This means not using any pet names or giving romantic gifts until you have actually started dating. There is nothing worse than taking things too far too soon. If things are meant to be, you will know it.

Are They Interested in someone else?
If the person you are friends with benefits with is clearly interested in someone else, it might not be worth pursuing something more. It all depends on what kind of relationship they have with the other person. You probably don’t want to pursue someone who is already clearly interested in another person romantically. If they are already in a relationship, you’ll probably want to end your FWB arrangement as soon as possible. This is just a very messy situation that you don’t want to be involved in. You might want to try casually asking them if they are interested in anyone at the moment without being too obvious.

Do you Really Have Feelings for Them?
One of the most important things to do before making the leap from FWB to an actual relationship is assess your feelings for the person. Is it that you are just tired of being single or that you actually have feelings for them? This is something that you should think about very deeply before making your move. The last thing you want to do is get into an actual relationship only to realize that you liked things better when you were just keeping it casual.

Talk More
If you want to know whether or not your friends-with-benefits situation can turn into something more serious, you should start talking more with the person. The more you talk with them, the easier it will be to find out if there’s something there. If you usually just have sex, trying having an actual conversation. If they seem receptive to this, there is a chance that you could have something more with them.

Final Thoughts
There are a lot of different factors to consider before trying to turn your FWB into a real actual relationship. Sometimes it is just better to leave things the way they are, but that’s not always the case. It is important that you make a point of following these tips so you can get the best possible outcome. If you are truly interested in having a serious relationship with the person, it is worth making the effort. These tips will help you to figure out whether or not you can actually have a romantic relationship with the person that you are hooking up with casually.


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