Ah Venice, the city of romance. Such a special place to stroll, sit and boat with your lover. There are few places on Earth that are so classically enchanting and made for romantic escapes.

So if you happen to find yourself debating whether to book a weekend away here are some of the premier romantic restaurants you should consider.

La Caravella
Via XX11 Marzo-2399, Venice

La Caravella is an ultra romantic restaurant located behind La Fenice Theatre and is conveniently placed beside many of the most popular hotels in Venice. The dining area is a very quaint, traditional Italian room with a massive wooden ships steering wheel as a centrepiece. The tables are adorned with solid brass candlesticks holding red candles to provide a romantic atmosphere. The furnishings are all authentic oak and fit in well with the uneven wall surfaces. There is a terrace area outside which has trees overhanging some of the tables making it very romantic and a truly idyllic venue for a marriage proposal.

The food is to die for and the menu has unusual delicacies such as sweet and sour sardines and spider crab sautéed in lemongrass. The homemade pasta is deliciously light and goes well with chicken and duck ragout. Like most of Venice the place is steeped in history and cannot fail to provide a romantic setting.

Cantina Do Mori
Calle dei mori, San Polo 429, 30125, Venice

One of the most romantic restaurants in Venice is the Cantina Do Mori, with its dining area swamped in Venetian tradition. Antique copper pots and fishing nets can be seen hanging from the bumpy ceiling. This place is warm and cosy and very welcoming.

While you are awaiting for your food you can share the complimentary grissini dripping with prosciutto (breadsticks with garlic olive oil) or you can sample one of the six hundred wines on offer. This restaurant has been running since 1462 and is close to the beautiful and romantic Rialto Bridge. As you are tucking in to the mouth watering hand made spaghetti carbonara or chicken pollo tagliatelle, you can imagine all of the years gone by! There is a wide range of traditional Italian food on offer such as pizzas, pasta and Venetian ice creams. The perfect place to visit in Venice while you are on holiday and want to make your other half feel special!

La Villeggiatura
San Polo Calle dei Botteri 1569 30125, Venice

You have got to visit La Villeggiatura restaurant if you want to recapture the romance which may be missing from your relationship. Your partner could not fail to get amorous with you in this secret hideaway! It offers the ideal setting to propose, or simply to get romantic and enjoy one another’s company. It has typical traditional Venetian wooden furnishings and a waiting area which has new England style sofas and cushions, as well as a well stocked bar.

The floors are shiny marble and the overhead chandeliers reflect beautifully on them, to create a soft ambience. The pasta is second to none and they do a fabulous chicken cagiatori with seasonal vegetables. You could even propose outside this restaurant as it is like nowhere else you will ever have been! Get down on one knee on the cobbled street!

La Terrazza
Claridge sq, San Mario 442330124, Venice

One word to describe La Terrazza restaurant would be ‘breathtaking’! The dining area is set in a conservatory with modern glass tables but you can also eat in the outside terrace which over looks the picturesque canal Orseolo. The terrace is open in the warmer summer months but is closed off and heated in the colder winter months. So if you want the real Venice experience then this place offers it in abundance.

The food is traditional Venetian cuisine such as hand made pasta with clams as well as more common smoked salmon and meat dishes. It is famous in Venice for its homemade ice creams and its well stocked cellar which regularly gets rotated so that customers do not grow tired of the wine choices.

Ponte di Rialto, Venice

The Naranzaria romantic restaurant is right on the canal at Ponte di Rialto. As dusk turns into night you can see the reflection of the candles in the canal as well as watching the boats pass by you while you are dining. The romantic atmosphere on a warm evening offers an ideal setting for asking your loved one to marry you.

The Naranzaria mainly offers a delicious range of sea food as it is right next to a fishing port. For that reason the fish is incredibly fresh and you can tickle your taste buds with carpuccio di spada (very thinly sliced swordfish) or prawn cous cous. The salmon and prawns are like no other you might have tasted, dripping with local olive oil and practically begging to be devoured with the warm ciabatta. This canal side restaurant offers a unique romantic opportunity and a magical, unforgettable evening.


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