If you want to get your girl to try anal sex with you, there are going to be a few essential things to remember. This is definitely not something that all women are willing to do, at least right away. You must know about all of the different tips and tricks to get her to try anal sex with you right away. Most guys love having anal sex with girls, but they usually take some convincing.

How To Win An Anal Sex?

Prepare yourself for a “no”

You will need to prepare yourself for the girl to say no to your request because so many of them do. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you will get rejected. This doesn’t mean that you should completely give up on getting the girl to try anal, though. You don’t want to make her feel like you are pressuring her into it, but you also don’t want to give up entirely. It is essential that you wait a little bit and then bring up the subject again later on in the future.

Reassure her

One of the best ways to go about getting a girl to let you try anal with her is by reassuring her that it won’t be as bad as she thinks and that it will, in fact, be a lot of fun. Most girls are worried about how much-doing anal is going to hurt, so you will need to make sure that your comfort and reassure her as much as possible. While it’s true that it’s probably going to be uncomfortable for her at first, you don’t want to tell her that. You should focus on making her feel good about trying anal even before it has happened.

Tell her you will start slow and be gentle

Make sure that you tell her that you will be as slow and gentle as possible when it comes to doing anal and that it won’t hurt at all. You should also have lots of lube ready to go, just in case she says yes. The last thing you want to do is to try anal without lubing up a lot first because if you don’t, she is unlikely ever to want to try it again. When you spend enough time telling her how gentle you are going to be, she should eventually give in.

Be subtle

There are subtle ways to go about getting her into anal sex, and you will definitely need to know what they are. While you are making out with each other, you might want to rub your finger against her butthole, massaging it lightly. You definitely don’t want to actually put your finger inside (unless she says it’s okay.) This might warm her up to the idea of anal sex a little bit. Ask her if it’s OK if you sleep a finger inside her, but make sure that it is very lubed up beforehand. The last thing you want is to put a finger in her butt dehydrated.

Get her relaxed

The very best thing that you can do to raise your chances of getting her to try anal sex with you is to make sure that she is as relaxed as possible. Put some sensual music on, light some incense and give her a nice long back rub with oil. Move your hands down to her butt and start giving it some special attention. This should get her very relaxed and maybe even in the mood to try anal. You might also want to think about introducing a little bit of alcohol. You obviously don’t want her to be totally drunk, but a few glasses of wine might just do the trick. Most girls are far more likely to try anal if they are buzzed on alcohol. There are lots of different ways that you can relax a girl, so get creative.

Put on some anal porn
If your girl is into watching porn with you, it might be a good idea to put on a video with anal sex. This way, she will be able to see how much enjoyment and pleasure the girl in the video is getting from it. Take the time to find the right video to play, though, because you don’t want to choose just any of them. The right porno could really help you out with convincing the girl you are with to try anal. You want to look for a video where the girl is really clearly enjoying it.

What Not To Do

There are a number of things that you should avoid doing when it comes to getting a girl to have anal sex with you. You must never pressure her into doing anal because it almost certainly won’t end well. The last thing you want to do is to make her feel like she has no choice in the matter. You should accept it if she says no, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying altogether.

It’s also crucial that you not just try putting your penis inside her butt without asking her first because she will very likely get pissed and refuse to do it ever. A lot of guys make the mistake of doing this, and it will only end up getting you into trouble.


Anal sex can be incredibly enjoyable for you and the girl you are worth, but convincing her to do it can be a bit tricky. If you really want to get her to do this, you will need to be patient and utilize the information in this article. Eventually, you should be successful when it comes to getting the girl you are dating to try anal sex. Unfortunately, most girls are pretty hesitant to try anal sex at all because they are afraid of how much it is going to hurt. The best thing you can do is to take the advice in this article when in the future.


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