There may arise occasions in life when you may have to exchange gifts and presents. It could be a birthday or an anniversary day. It could be special days such as Father’s Day and Mother’s day and so on. In fact, you do not need an excuse to send your loved one a well-meaning gift. However, you should note that there are sure gifts you can bestow on a man and certain you should never. In this article, we shall concentrate on the most surprising gifts for men. Please note that this is just a compilation of ideas and does not follow any strict order of preference as such.

1. Leather boots:

Leather boots gift ideaMen usually do a lot of their work outdoors. Hence, presenting them with a pair of leather boots would be a great idea. You never know; he might just be looking for the same. Men frequently change their boots. You would not find men wearing the same pair of boots for more than 6 months at a stretch. In fact, their shoes do not actually last for that long. Thus, this is a novel idea as well as a reasonable one.

2. Pair of Jeans:

Pair of Jeans gift idea for menWhen you can gift him a pair of boots, you can present him with a pair of jeans as well. Men usually are open with their clothing. They just wear whatever they can lay their hands on in the morning. In fact, you can find men very lazy at shopping as well. They just depend on their mothers, sisters, girlfriends, and wives to do the shopping for clothes for them. Thus, any man would enjoy it when you present him with a pair of jeans on his special day.

3. Grooming Box:

Grooming Box gift ideaThe grooming box is everyman’s friend. Every man would love to have this grooming box. This can contain everything from his comb to his shampoo and the razor to his favorite cologne. There are such made to order boxes available in the market. He would find the shaving creams and lotions in this grooming kit. Nails are something he usually does not give much attention to. This grooming kit comes with a nail cutter as well as a toe clipper. Some companies pitch in their sales offers by offering discount coupons in such gift boxes. The man can later on, use these coupons to avail discounts on his future purchases.

4. Beer-making kit:

Beer making kit gift ideaEveryone knows that men love beer a lot. The Man has a unique tendency. He usually does not cook any food at home. However, the day he does so, he will be the first person to praise himself. Presenting such a man with a beer-making kit would be a great idea. He would love to make his beer. This beer-making kit contains the grains, yeast, a glass fermenter, and all the other ingredients required for making beer at home. He would not only love his beer but brag about his beer-making capabilities to all and sundry.

5. Designer Sunglasses:

Designer Sunglasses gift ideaAny man would love to have a pair of sunglasses with him especially when he is driving down the Highway on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. However, for the gift to be meaningful, you should ensure that it is a designer sunglass and not an ordinary one. Ordinary ones do not have any value, in his opinion. He may also like to mimic his favorite hero, Tom Cruise while ruffling his hair and using designer sunglasses. The elegance of designer sunglasses is simply timeless.

6. State of the art shaver:

State of the art shaver gift ideaMen require shaving every alternate day to prevent their stubbles from poking out. Hence, a shaver would be the most appropriate gift for a man. If it were a high-quality shave, it would be better. This gift would be ideal for men of all ages, from the age of 17 to 70. A grateful man would never forget the first shave he got.

7. Swiss knife:

Swiss knife gift ideaMen love to tinker along with various home appliances trying to repair them when they go out of order. He also loves adventure and hence would love the gift of a Swiss knife. He would be able to make use of this gift the most. Moreover, a Swiss knife is always a handy tool at any time. It has excellent use inside the house and outside as well. Inside the home, you would be able to open bottles with the bottle opener option, whereas the knife has a variety of uses outdoors.

8. Cologne:

Cologne gift ideaMen adore colognes. The muskier they are, the more the man loves it. You would not find the man of today stepping out of his house without using the cologne. Man loves some typical scents, such as lavender, cumin, and citrus, to name a few. It would help if you were careful when presenting him with a cologne bottle. The Man generally, does not use colognes used by women. Hence, it would help if you went for male-centric cologne.

9. Leather jacket:

Leather jacket gift ideaAn exquisitely made leather jacket could be the favorite of any man. The leather jacket becomes his most important accessory when he goes around the town on his motorcycle. In case it is an all weather jacket, he would love it more. He would not like to remove the same from his person.

10. A wristwatch:

A wrist watch gift ideaMaybe, in today’s times of the smartphones, you need not wear a wristwatch. However, you can see many men wearing wristwatches. The fashion of the old times has returned. The best part of it all is that man today prefers to have a simple watch that can tell the time and nothing else. Presenting such a wristwatch on his birthday would be a spectacular idea.


You have just seen ten best gifts you can bestow on a man. Of course, if the occasion happens to be a special day in his life, such as his birthday or wedding anniversary day, his joy becomes more profound.

You should always bear in mind that the gift is not essential, but the intention behind the gift should always have importance.

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