A girl’s wedding is a day that most will dream of their entire lives. Many brides spend months planning the perfect wedding of their dreams. After all, your wedding day is one that you will remember for the rest of your life! It is also the beginning of a new life with your true love. A bride will begin to comb through the endless pages of Bridal magazines, create hundreds of Pinterest boards, and start thinking about and rethinking every small decorating decision. A bride’s job is endless and involves a large number of planning details, pinning everything, creativity, and buying on a budget. No wonder so many girls turn into Bridezillas! That’s some hard work.

Going through the checklist, these bride’s dream weddings must have a handsome groom, heart-touching vows that are guaranteed to make everyone in the room cry, an elegant cake, a fun and memory-filled reception, colorful flowers, delicious food, coordinated decorating, color schemes, bridesmaid’s dresses, a fantastic honeymoon that will make some great Instagram posts… And what is the most critical piece to any bride’s dream wedding? Her beautiful dress. Bride will spend months searching for the dress alone that she knows is the one. Some brides try on hundreds of dresses. And when she finds the one for her? Tears. A good wedding dress should make the bride feel beautiful and confident and make her the center of all the attention. It is a hard job finding the perfect dress to go with the ideal wedding, and a lot of pressure is put on the bride to find a dress that is “the one”. Going through the dress checklist is crucial to anyone looking for her perfect dress.

Let us look at some brides who have had their dream weddings. These brides went through the entire wedding checklist and got exactly what they wanted. Then it came time for the dress. Did they cry? Yes. Did they know it was the one? Definitely a yes! Did they feel beautiful and confident? Of course. And will it make them the center of all the attention…? Well, maybe they focused a little too much on getting to be the center of attention during the wedding…

Here are some of the most hilarious wedding dresses ever that definitely got the attention of every guest there.

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So there you have it! The most hilarious wedding dresses ever. These were the dresses that definitely caught the attention of every guest and onlooker in the area. If you are looking for infinite amounts of attention on your wedding day, go for these beautiful lady’s styles! You will have every person at your wedding staring… Even if their reasons for staring are not that positive. You could even end up on the internet for having such an interesting dress.

But hey! These bride’s seemed to love their wedding dresses and as long as they were happy on their wedding day than that’s really all you can hope for. Let’s just hope that their every day style is nothing like their wedding dress style. That could be a problem.


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