They say pride comes before a fall. Even though this is a general life saying, it can also be used in a literal situation. For instance, you are out trying to boast to the world that you can jump from the rooftop straight to the pool. You then slide and fall to the ground. Such a fall came from your pride.

You might have seen a couple of videos and pictures around the web covering the most epic fails of various people through the years. What attracts most in such photos is the situation/environment, the person falling, or how they fell. In some cases, the person falls because someone else made a mistake. In others, the person is completely in the position to make their move, but their overexcitement makes them fall.

The attraction of the fails.

What brings more attention is when a hot girl falls. Say what? Yes, when a hot girl falls. Well, some viewers are just pervs, and they want to take a peek at those hot girls, significantly how they lost and how those shots were taken. But seriously, isn’t it exciting and weird when a hot girl falls? It sure is.

Here, we have a collection of the most epic hot girl fails ever. In our list, we have rounded up all the situations when a hot girl trips, falls, or when their plan to execute a move fails. That is what draws your attention.

Why do we have this list?

It is easy just to get online and search for the most epic hot girl fails, but in most cases, you will find a bunch of pictures repeating the same events over and over again. With our list, we weigh all the possible facts that can make the photo worth looking at. Some are in bikinis, while others are dressed in a super attractive manner. That makes them hot and very attractive.

Another thing about this list is that we have sampled each situation and listed them according to least impressive to the most appealing. The attractiveness of the girls is also considered in the pictures. Finally, how the girls fell, or how the plan of the execution failed, is what completes the ranking.

While some of the fails might be too serious, we are only focusing on the funny side of it. We also do not encourage any of this. So do not try them at home. All these fails are for entertainment purposes only, and we do not intend to mock, shame, or inspire any of the fails to our viewers. Just sit back and enjoy the compilation.

Look at these epic fails below:

sexy21 sexy14-e1454375785112 sexy13 sexy2 sexy_fail Girl-Fail-3 91 30 13.-Riding-a-Shopping-Cart-on-the-Street 14.-Stairs-Isnt-a-Playground 16 17 18 18.-This-Girl-Thought-She-Is-Spider-Woman-then-this-Happened 19 24 27 8.-Maybe-She-Had-Just-Lost-Her-Orientation 8 6.-Waves-Aren’t-So-Friendly 3.-This-Girl-Found-Herself-in-a-Sticky-Situation 2 1 82


So, what do you think about this hot girls’ fail compilation? Which of the girls impressed you most in the list? Is there any situation that reminds you of your personal encounter? Leave us your comments and let us know what you think about the photos. If you have other funny fail pictures of your own or some other hot girls you know, kindly share with us. In case you are offended by any of the photos, contact us and let us know how it affects you. Stay tuned for other hot girl fails compilations as we look forward to entertaining you further.


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