If you want to know if she is DTF, there are lots of subtle hints and signs to look out for. You must be aware of these signs so that you can react accordingly. The more you know about what to look for, the easier it will be to score with the girls you are interested in.

She’s Drinking
It is a lot easier to tell if a girl is DTF when she’s had a drink or two. Alcohol is a natural part of the club and bar scene, and it can lower our inhibitions. If she keeps sipping her drink while looking at you, there’s a good chance she is interested. Make your way over and see how the interaction plays out.

She Keeps Making Eye Contact with You
If you are looking at a girl you are attracted to, and she keeps making eye contact back, there is a good chance that she is interested. If she is not returning your seductive looks, you can probably just stay away to avoid wasting your time. An interested girl might also giggle or smile while a guy she likes makes eye contact with her.

She’s Not Constantly Near Her Friends
Girls who are with their friends but not attached at the hip with them are usually DTF. Look for the ones who wander off on their own because they are looking for a good time with a guy. If she never leaves her friends at all, you probably shouldn’t even bother trying.

Sensual Dance Moves
Look for the girls who are moving slowly and sensually on the dance floor. These are the girls who are just hoping for an attractive guy to grind up on them. Avoid any girls that are moving around like crazy, because it is way too much work. The way a girl moves while dancing can tell you a lot about her desires and intentions.

She is Receptive to Being Touched
If you lightly touch a girl’s knee or shoulder and she physically pulls away, she is definitely not interested. If, however, she smiles or moves closer to you, there’s a good chance that she’s DTF. This is definitely one of the more definitive ways to tell what a girl is looking for when you are in a bar or club situation.

Just make sure that you strike up a bit of conversation with her first and see how it goes. If she is talkative and seems interested, you can give her a light touch on the arm or knee. Her reaction to this touch should tell you everything you need to know.

She’s Touching Herself
It is pretty standard for girls to touch themselves in subtle yet sensual ways when they are around a guy they are physically attracted to. They might start playing with their hair or touching their chest ever so slightly. This is a definite sign that you have gotten a girl’s attention in a big way, so you should act on it.

She Touches You
Look out for subtle touches from girls you are talking to, as this is a common sign of physical attraction. She might touch your knee or arm in a soft but sensual way. It would help if you took this as a sign that she is DTF because it is almost certainly the case.

She Stays Off Her Phone
Another good sign that a girl is into you is if she makes a point of staying off her phone. Considering how addicted most people are to their phones these days, this is definitely something to look for. If she is constantly looking at her phone, you’ll probably want to just back off. You don’t want to approach any girl who isn’t fully engaged and aware of what is going on around her anyway.

She Tells You
While most girls won’t just come out and say they are DTF, it is always a possibility you should be prepared for. If she tells you she wants to have sex, you definitely want to go for it. Don’t let her brazen honesty throw you off. There are actually women out there who are very direct about wanting sex with guys they find attractive. If you ever find yourself in this situation, take her home right away.

She Hangs on Your Every Word
When you are talking to a girl in a club or bar, does she seem to hang on to your every word? If so, there is a perfect chance that she is DTF. A lot of women will purposely act very interested in everything a guy says if they find them very attractive. This usually involves making a lot of eye contact, smiling and laughing when you are speaking. If she seems to laugh at even the dumbest jokes you tell, she is definitely ready to go home with you.

She Blushes
Blushing is one of the subtler signs that a girl is interested in a guy when he is around. This is a normal reaction that men and women have to each other when they feel a physical attraction. If her cheeks suddenly seem to get flushed when she is around you, there is definitely a connection. Look out for this sign when you are talking to a girl that you’d like to take home.

Final Thoughts
There are tons of tiny little signs that a girl is DTF, so you will need to be aware of them when going out to a bar, club or similar social setting. The more you learn about these signs, the easier it will be to recognize them when it really counts. Guys who miss any of these signs could end up missing out on some fantastic sex. The fact is that most women don’t have a lot of patience for guys who cannot read the signals they are sending out. This is why it’s so crucial that you pay attention.


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