Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas… all of these events would be more exciting if not for one thing: buying presents. Giving gifts can be an incredibly nerve-wracking experience. However, when you are trying to find the perfect present for the woman or man in your life, things can become even more complicated.

This is because every present that you give has a subtle message attached to it. Therefore, you need to be somewhat careful about what you purchase. To cut down on the anxiety and confusion involved in this process, simply follow some of the helpful tips below:

Figure Out Which Stage You Are In

Technically, there are four stages in a relationship – euphoria, early attachment, conflict, and deep attachment. Now, before you go ahead and buy your partner a gift, you might want to consider what stage you are in first. This is because your present will need to reflect the stage that you are in.

For instance, if it is relatively early on in the relationship, then you shouldn’t have to make too much of an investment. Nonetheless, it is important to still put some thought into it, particularly if you want the relationship to progress.

However, the longer you have been with someone, the more critical the present becomes. In this stage, you will need to give the individual a present that reflects your commitment to each other. Therefore, it isn’t enough to get something sweet – it also has to be somewhat meaningful.

So, what if you are in a rather casual relationship and don’t expect it to go anywhere? Well, even in such an instance, it is an excellent idea to get that person a present for a special occasion. Under these circumstances, though, you can opt for something that is more fun and a lot less severe.

Start Early

Are you someone who waits until the last minute to go looking for a present? If so, you need to stop this practice right now. If you leave things until it is too late, you are going to end up having to give your partner something generic and rather dull as well.

Now, the most critical events are already marked on your calendar. So, give yourself a few weeks to buy something. This is particularly important in the age of online shopping. Keep in mind that most items can take weeks to be shipped to your destination. If you want to hand over that present on time, you need to start preparing early.

Listen to Hints

It is easy to imagine that your partner is a closed book and that it is impossible to guess what they might want. Actually, if you pay attention and listen closely, you will discover that this isn’t the case at all. Most people will always drop hints – sometimes subconsciously – about what it is they may want for a special occasion.

One reason you might miss such suggestions is that you are focused on things that you typically would give as gifts—jewelry, accessories, and so on. However, some people may prefer trips, experiences, and similar things. Of course, you will only be able to catch onto such suggestions if you keep an ear out.

If your partner really is tight-lipped, you may need to turn to Plan B: asking them. Some people might argue that this takes some of the romance out of the process. While that may be true, isn’t it better to actually get your girlfriend or boyfriend something they will like? Sure, they may not be surprised, but at least they will be happy.

Wants vs. Needs

There is another ultimate question that you may have to answer – should you get your loved one something they want or need? This can be a rather tricky subject because of all the things that can factor into this decision.

On the one hand, if you get your partner something they need, you can be sure that they will use it. Therefore, your present will be well-spent. However, such gifts are rarely exciting. So, it will certainly not be a romantic or sexy present to open up.

If you get your girlfriend or boyfriend something that they really want, of course, you are sure to be showered with squeals, hugs, and kisses. In short, they will be pleased. The only downside to this option is that you may be missing out on giving them something that they actually need.

So, is there a way to make your decision? Well, there could be. One thing you can do is to ask yourself if your significant other can afford or purchase the item they need by themselves. If the answer is yes, then go for the more abundant gift. In case the answer is no, you may want to stick with the sensible present.

Get Help

There is always the possibility that you could improve at giving presents. This isn’t something you should be ashamed of, as some people just can’t come up with good gift ideas. If this is something you are experiencing, don’t give up yet.

There are websites like GiftRep that reduce the work involved. They offer suggestions based on relationships and occasions. So, if you have no idea where to begin, such sites can serve as an excellent starting point.

There are other forms of help to turn to as well. Ask your partner’s friends or even family members for help. Some are reluctant to do this, however, since they don’t want to admit that they are lacking in this department. Still, if you are really desperate, this is a good option for you.

These are all the tips you can turn to when you need to find a present for a lover or a more serious partner. As long as you keep these guidelines in mind, your gift-giving process should go a lot more smoothly. So, here’s to your next celebration going off without a hitch!


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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