Are you about to date the most pretty and hot girl in the entire class? Is she the most happening and drooled after cheerleader? Are all the guys in the class just jealous of you for being so lucky? Well it seems like you have finally achieved something! Well then what’s the problem? Oops, seems like she is still a minor and her parents are in no way going to allow her being out on a date after 9.

So what you need right here is some serious and effective teen dating advice. The two most efficient tips for dating that can help you in such a situation are,

  • The nobler dating teen idea
  • The loser dating teen idea

According to the first dating teen idea, you simply have to understand and accept the fact that her parents won’t allow her to go out after 9. So you start putting in all your efforts and ideas and try to do whatever you can in order to make the date special within that stipulated period of time you have.

On the other hand is the loser dating teen idea according to which you just keep looking for the second best choice that the girl you date suggests!

But it seems you didn’t like any of these ideas, right? After all, you want to impress the girl and not look like a complete loser. Well, okay then here is some serious teen dating advice coming around this time that will not leave you dissatisfied.

Have you ever given a thought to the idea that instead of asking her out for a date at the night you can also ask her out for dating during the day? This is by no chance going to make you look like a loser and will only leave a lot more time for dating.  After all what actually matters is the date. As you plan a daytime date, you automatically leave both of you out of the slightest chance of breaking that 9 o’clock rule. That way you might even manage a little favor of her parents as well. This way you will be able to create a rather trustworthy impression which will be counted on in the long run if you have plans of a serious teen dating relationship.

Moreover, gaining the confidence and trust of the parents is a very important point and once you manage that you almost win more than half the battle. You never know this way you may even manage to earn yourself some real luck when her parents actually allow her to go on a date with you after six and that too without someone looking over her.

The added advantages of dating during the daytime are many. When you go out for a date during the day there is no chance that the dating locations will be crowded by chance. So, no chance of bumping into other classmates or spying eyes. So there is no possibility that someone will look over your dating rendezvous and broadcast it ditto the next day at school.

During the daytime most of the romantic dating spots in the neighborhood remain vacant with no crowds at all. So you will get to enjoy some really quite ambience while dating. Therefore take your date to the most special restaurant and enjoy the company amidst subdued lights, refreshing room freshener which will all contribute to the quite and private conversation you have with your date. And if Lady Luck has her eye on you, you may even be fortunate enough to have a memorable teen date when you also get to kiss the hottest girl in class.

Another handy teen dating advice would be, when deciding on the place it is always good to consult with your date once. Just check if she has any personal preferences for dating. Or else if you are too shy to do that you can also talk to her best friend or give her a little bribe. The common tips for dating say there are innumerable possibilities when choosing on the dating place. But one of the most important dating tips that you need to keep in mind is that the place you choose for dating needs to be peaceful and comfortable. It should be a place where both of you will be able to enjoy the dating.

Chances are fat that this is going to be your first date ever. So it would be better to have a prior idea of your date’s preferences, likes, dislikes and manners, etc. These are the little tidbits that will help you while you plan the date.

Another great source that you may consider for further dating tips would be your dad! He is the best person who can give you awesome teen dating advice that can help you impress the girl within minutes. And those tips may also help you win over the confidence of her parents which can fatten your chances of a brooding teen dating relationship.


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