If you want to get yourself a sugar momma, there are some key tips that you’ll want to keep in mind. There are lots of older women who are always looking for younger guys, but you have to make yourself attractive. The more you know about how to do this, the easier it will be to get yourself a well-off older woman.

1. Be a Sharp Dressed Man
One of the best ways to attract older women with money is to dress sharp. This means wearing form-fitting clothes that look stylish and compliment your body type. The more thought you put into what you wear, the more attractive you will be to women in general.

2. Stay in Shape
It’s also very important that you hit the gym on a regular basis. Women are attracted to guys with a fit physique, and that takes a lot of hard work. If you don’t already lift weights on a regular basis, you should definitely start doing so. This will definitely pay off with regards to your overall appearance.

3. Put off a Confident Energy
Older women are especially adept at knowing when a guy isn’t all that confident in himself. This is why you need to keep your head up and walk tall with the utmost confidence. You need to practice being precise in your speech instead of just blathering on like an idiot in front of her.

4. Show Off Your Brainy Side
Women also like guys who are smart, so don’t be afraid to let her see just how intelligent you are. Most older women aren’t going to waste their time on a guy who seems dumb.

5. Get Crazy in Bed
When you end up in bed with an older woman, you’ll want to show her your skills. Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy. There is a good chance that she will learn something from you. This is a crucial component of landing a sugar momma that you need to be aware of.

6. Practice being a good listener
Even older women want a guy who is going to really listen to them. This is something that takes quite a bit of practice, because you probably aren’t as good at it as you think.

7. Lay off the booze
While younger women may tolerate the heavy drinking of young guys, older women are less patient with this type of excess. Make sure that you keep your drinking under control, especially if being drunk tends to make you act like a jackass.

8. Learn to become obedient
If you want to stay with a rich older woman, you’ll need to learn how to be a bit more submissive than usual. This means agreeing to do the things she wants, at least some of the time.

9. Curb your expectations
It is natural to expect gifts when you are dating a wealthy older woman, but you don’t want to let it show. This will be a massive turn-off that could cause her to send you packing.

10. Appeal to her sense of smell
Women always appreciate a guy who smells nice, so you’ll want to go beyond just the basics of good hygiene. This means taking the time to pick out a nice-smelling cologne that will really get her going when she takes a whiff.

11. Avoid Dumb Pickup Lines
It is NOT a good idea to bust out any stupid pickup lines you might have heard from your friends. It is very unlikely that any of these lines will work on an older, more sophisticated woman.

12. Keep your Hormones in check (at first)
You don’t want to let your hormones get you too carried away when you first start seeing an older woman. Moving too fast with her could end things before they have even really begun.

13. Don’t be too soft spoken
When you are hanging out with an older woman and her friends, don’t be afraid to speak up and hold up your end of the conversation. This will be sure to make her feel like you are more than just a piece of eye candy.

14. Practice Proper Grooming
It might seem obvious, but you need to stay on top of your grooming when dating an older woman. This means keeping your nails short, hair styled, and even some manscaping.

15. Allow Your Sense of Humor to come out
Women love a guy who can make them laugh, so you shouldn’t be shy about letting your sense of humor out with her. This will show her that you can be funny, which will only add to your overall appeal.

16. Get Online
The internet is an excellent resource for any young guy who is looking for a wealthy older woman. Take the time to check out some of the different dating sites and apps that exist.

17. Go Grocery Shopping
It might seem a bit odd, but your chances of finding a well-off older lady in a grocery store are pretty good. Stroll up to her with a smile and mention a specific item in her cart.

18. Bars
If you live in or near a big city, there are probably a number of “cougar bars” that you can head to. These bars are the perfect place for a young guy who wants to find a wealthy older woman.

19. Take a Stroll Through the Park
It’s also possible to find an attractive older woman while you are in the park. If you have a dog, take it for a walk and see what happens.

20. Head to the Gym
If you don’t already have a membership at a gym, you’ll definitely want to get one. It is a well-known fact that older sugar mama types work out on a regular basis.

21. Upscale Dining
You might also be able to find the perfect wealthy older woman of your dreams in an upscale restaurant. Just sit at the bar and see who might sit down next to you.


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