This is a common question couples wonder about when they break up. One (or both) may still have feelings for their ex and wonder if they should act on those feelings. And if so, how to exactly…

Well there is no quick fix here – it depends on a lot of factors. Such as, who was the one to finally say the words: “it’s over”? And more importantly what was the reason for the break up.

Often, and this is especially true for young couples, couples break up for no real reason – they might get into a small fight and break up, or they might break up because they are a bit bored by each other. When this occurs, it’s super easy to get your ex back. But the most important question here is:

Do I want to get my ex back?

This is the most important question you must answer before you get into any action steps. If the answer here is – yes, I want my ex back! it’s not so hard.

I found you a great video guide that will help you get all the details about your break up sorted out – here!

But first, if you’re sure you want you ex back for good, the love you’re feeling for you ex, might not play into your advantage at first. Like I said when couples break up over “little” things a lot of ego comes into play. They both have a hard time saying they are sorry and want each other back. And when this happens, you know it’s NOT the time to come and blur out that you still love him/her.

I’m not saying it’s a good thing but if you want your ex back, you need to keep your ex on your toes and keep him/her guessing all the way. Don’t come and let your ex know you would die right now to have him/her, but playfully make your ex guess if there is still a chance for the two of you. People are fascinated by anything they can’t really have (or are not sure if they can have it) and you want to keep you ex in that state as long as possible.

If you two were to meet for the first time after a break up and go for a cup of coffee – you don’t want to give all your cards away. You might get your ex back on the firs “date” you have by telling your ex you still love them, BUT you may also break up again because of it two weeks later. If your ex tries harder and longer to win you back, your ex will appreciate you more.

Is it really so easy to get my ex back?

Well yes, what ever you once had, you can have again – and I’m not talking about extreme, abusive situations here, but about break up’s that were not meant to be. Relationships are not easy and there are some bumps on the road so to speak, the only question is how will you handle it?


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