No, you don’t have to be somebody else to be a dream man, a man that every woman wants. Like most of us, women appreciate originality better than artificial caprice. Be confident and be yourself! That’s the main key.

But, not all that we have learned in life, in relation to women, is true. We inherit certain beliefs from our parents and grand parents. We too might have adopted certain thoughts from our friends and society. While those thoughts may sound very good, noble and logical, they don’t necessarily be the best way to make the woman we have crush on attracted to us.

How come? Because if they are, then we will not see any special guy that seems exceedingly successful with women compared to others. So, that “perfect man” must have “secrets” that we ought to know.

In the next subsection, we’ll try to identify the problem that hamper us from being a dream man and learn the secrets. Equipped with that, we’ll be able to shape ourselves to become the “ideal man” that women desire.

The Problems Revealed

We all know that women are mostly emotional beings. Their way of thinking are very different from men. But still, the most mistakes we men make in our affairs with women are because of wrong assumptions regarding this. We need to understand how women think to become the dream man that every woman desires.

Consciously or unconsciously, most of the time we assume that women also think logically like men when we are dealing with them. That make us do (and plan) things in causal logic in hope that they will also respond in the same causal manner.

For example, what most men do to make the woman they are falling in love with attracted to them? They will do anything to please her! They become too afraid to argue or refuse her request. Many won’t dare to deny her request to accompany her shopping although in fact they have piles of reports to submit tomorrow!

They do those nice things to impress her. They hope that in turn she will repay their kindness by loving them. But unfortunately, it rarely works that way! Unless the girl is already attracted to them before, it usually doesn’t work.

In addition… have it ever crossed your mind that doing such things is not very noble? Admitted or not, they don’t do that out from the heart. It’s not sincere. And every woman can easily know it from their body language because women are known ten times better than men in reading body language.

By behaving like that, you will only make her perceive you as lack of confident, not challenging, predictable, or even fake and needy. Unless you show your value, the girl won’t value you! We must work our inner self to become a dream man, a man with characters that every woman look for.

Steps to Become a Dream Man

Before continuing, I must emphasize that becoming a dream man is not an overnight process. It’s not easy, but not difficult either. Every man can do that as long as he has willingness and perseverance to learn and to change.

Most things we know about women are false
If you hardly successful with women, you must accept this fact or else you’ll be too stubborn to change. Open your mind and learn to see women from different point of view.

Understand the female mind
As already mentioned before, women think differently than men. Find out and learn how women think, what women think and what women want in men.

Understand the attitude that women want in men
Certain attitude in a man that matters to every woman:

  • Self-confidence
  • Fun
  • Optimism & positivity
  • Leadership
  • The way he communicates and expresses himself
  • The way he handles conflicts and problems
  • The way he handles HER emotions

Change of Mindset
This might sound weird, but this is essential. You must change your mindset from being the one that chase women to the one that is chased by women. Keep it in mind that you are the ideal man that every woman wants. You are the “perfect man”, a man that every woman desires!


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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