Understand issues related to the challenges of a relationship and learn how to live better through the natural challenges that arise. We need to be very careful in developing this issue, preferably by making a sincere reflection on all the aspects involved. When conflicts arise, one or both parties often find themselves guilty without first analyzing that we are always responsible for both the success and failure of a conjugal relationship.

Basically, from the point of view of our mission in human existence, we have three missions to accomplish:

1. Purify our inferiorities: cure fear, anger, pessimism, anxiety, the tendency to isolate, the tendency to be hurt, the tendency to become depressed, and the tendency of aggression, among many other negative emotions.

2. Harmonize with conflicting spirits: one of our most significant challenges is in relationships. Conquering harmony, forgiving, accepting, tolerating, developing patience, and unconditional love are the biggest challenges that arise in relationships, so it is an important goal to achieve. By Definition of love, we can understand the harmonization of conflicting situations better.

3. Generate good examples: It is to be expected that a person who is attuned to his higher Self and his essence naturally tends to construct attitudes that help others in different ways. Attitudes of bestowal—in various aspects of existence—and compassion arise as a natural consequence of people being attuned to their essences.

Harmonizing or healing relationships is one of the primary missions of humanity

In a relationship, we find our greatest affinities as well as our greatest challenges. In the same person, we can find aspects of total affinity and also lack of affinity. So people, or rather, relationships, always promote great learning, and when we do not understand them and do not evolve, we suffer.

In this evolutionary view, we understand that the person we relate to is the “perfect” person in the context of intimate reformation since it meets the conditions of coming out in us – I say that things already exist in our personality – the best and the worst feelings. And that is where one of the significant challenges is: to understand that the people we relate to are our asking psychics, because they can quickly – through their attitudes – bring up or reveal our inferiorities, and therefore alert us to what we have come to heal in existence effectively.

We have trend to find guilty

It is common to find people who blame conflicts and marital crises on the other person. It is also expected to see that in many situations, many elect an evil spiritual influence as responsible for the problem. Therefore, before we enter into the question of spiritual obsession in marriage relationships, we need to understand that in the pursuit of harmony, these are straightforward attitudes that make all the difference. They come down to the understanding that we attract partners who can surface our affinities but also our inferiorities.

In all types of relationships, we want to model people.

Unfortunately, the lack of patience, intolerance, presumption, arrogance and control are negative characteristics present in most people living on this planet. So this is a reality present in the history of people living a life known as usual, and even if we want to deny it, basically, we are all intolerant!

Where does this have more impact on our lives?

Everything that we criticize in a person happens through lack of tolerance, lack of love or compassion. We want – in a hundred per cent of cases – the person to behave as we think she should behave. And worse, we tend to like someone more, in the sense of affinity, even when it acts more similarly to what we consider suitable.

There is no denying that affinities arise naturally in our lives, and I do not mean that these healthy attunements between people are not necessary. Of course, they are, especially questions to ask him; I just want to remind you that we do not usually relate more closely or intimately to people who do not behave as we think they should behave. And again, I do not mean moral conduct, ethics, and values, because it is clear that these aspects must always be weighed in the relationships we have at all levels. I will not choose a partner for a partner, knowing that his past is fraught with criminal or at least suspicious behaviour. We will also need help trusting someone who has acted wrongfully in another circumstance. So we must choose relationships that are in the same tune of values ​​and moral code, but the emotions … deceive us.

Everything we look for externally translates into what we feel internally. We are always seeking comfort, seeking to “accommodate” our emotions in the best way within ourselves. We seek comfort in every way, which is natural since we want to feel good. That is where a big mistake begins, because without meaning or realizing it, and worse, without having the right attitude, we begin to model people!

We model people by controlling relationships at all levels, doing everything they can to behave the way they comfort us the most!

And when they begin to have new ideas, new paths, new concepts – because everyone changes – and this change does not necessarily please us, at that moment, our relationship with them begins to get complicated. Complicate because we start to want the person to act in another way, which certainly will not be what she thinks is correct, but what we understand to be!

In this way, we become critical, controlling, intolerant, cunning, and ruthless; in short, we become modellers of people!

There are better ways! Definitely not! When that happens, we open the door for all evil to widen the conflicts of this relationship, even spiritual obsessions. But even so, do we have the right to say that the cause of conflict and possible separation is really the evil action of one or more spirits?

And what is the solution to that? How to get around such common situations?

Learning to accept people as they are by maintaining freedom in relationships, cultivating respect for the will of others and understanding that no one, no one, is responsible for their happiness. Similarly, never accept the burden of responsibility to make someone happy.

When someone’s behavior hurts you, do not try to change the person, this is the worst, most painful, most tortuous, most costly, darkest path. In these situations of divergences look inside you and notice what are the emotions that arise with the problem. See if it’s jealousy, fear of losing, need for approval, anxiety or pessimism. Whatever the negative emotion, please pay attention to it and do not focus so much on those attitudes that you think are wrong. In particular, do not blame the other person.

By paying attention to your inner Self, you will find that you always seek relationships that bring you emotional comfort according to your beliefs and that whenever your inner emotional code is broken by alien attitudes judged by you, conflict and confusion will begin. Once you stop looking for relationships to comfort your inner emotions, but especially with the idea of ​​living well with the world, finding fulfilment and living well, you will see a drastic change in the quality of your relationships. You need some reliable tips for that!

Do not be a modeller of people or a modeller of negative emotions into positive ones, because this is the secret to establishing relations based on love and consequently in truth, or instead saying: the truth that liberates!


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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