There are great marriage proposals and then there are GREAT marriage proposals! I managed to track down the lovely people behind this brilliant scuba diving marriage proposal so that they could share their story with you. Take it away guys.

Please introduce yourselves.

My name is Luke and I am the man behind the scuba diving marriage proposal video above! My wife (we just got married two months ago!) is named Emily.

So how did the scuba diving marriage proposal go down? Where did you plan it and what inspired you?

For an early christmas, anniversary, birthday, and graduation present…I decided to surprise Emily with a trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico. I had her pretty convinced that we wouldn’t be getting married until she graduated the following summer, so she had no idea that I had been in contact with the resort and the scuba diving company for 8 months prior to the trip setting this up.

We set up a nice dinner reservation for our 5 year anniversary on December 21, while we were out there…this way she already thought we were doing something special for our anniversary. We went to check in for our scuba diving lesson and we got bad news….because of thunder storms in the area, the ports have been closed due to strong current and we weren’t able to go diving. I immediately knew this couldn’t happen…I had this planned since the beginning of the year and I first got the idea when I was only 16!! I knew it had to go through. I talked to the lady at the front desk while Emily was away and I told her she needed to talk to the head diver about a special guest.

She apparently hadn’t talked with the head diver yet, so she got on the phone, asked him about it, and suddenly her eyes got real wide and she told me, “It’s ok, you guys can go diving!” After our lesson in the resort pool, we walked to the port. While we we’re filling out our paper work a man gathers everyone’s confirmation…well, I didn’t have any! I was never given any! He looked at me as if we were going to have a problem and he asked me to come with him.

As we walked away farther from the group, I asked him, “Have you talked to Jose?” He said, “Yes, this is my way of getting you away from your future wife so I can have the ring!” They were awesome. I gave him the ring…which looking back, was a terrible idea. I had no insurance on it at the time, and this could’ve been anyone! Maybe not even one of the divers? He did make a point to say though, “Listen, we’re not supposed to go out on the water today because the ports are closed due to the storm. However, we know how much this means to you, so we’re going to do it anyway. But, please be careful. At any point in time if we see the law, we all need to run.” “uhh…ok.” I said. What else could I do?

So what happened next?

He gave me a board to write a message on and we walked back to Emily and the other couple that was diving with us, then we got in the boat. We got in the water and started diving around and checking out all the beautiful marine life. We saw HUGE lobsters, a giant sea turtle, plenty of colorful fish, and coral. When I gave the ring to the diver he told me to give him the sign whenever I’m ready and we will do the proposal.

After about 20 minutes, I gave him a signal of me writing something and he signaled to the other diver to sit on the floor of the ocean. We all sat down and one of the divers starts filming. Emily thought we were taking a picture, so as she stares at the camera, the other diver gives me the board. When the camera man points to me, she looks at me and I have the board in my hands: “I love you so much. Will you marry me?”

Immediately bubbles started flying more heavily and I reminded her to breathe properly….then she nodded yes! The funny thing is when you’re diving, you obviously can’t talk, and a thumbs up means to go to the surface…so after being proposed to and getting engaged, the only thing we had to express our excitment and joy was a simple “OK” sign! We eventually went to the surface and screamed, laughed, and celebrated!

That is an amazing story guys, thank you so much for sharing it with us.


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