Look, I’m writing for the men who are looking to get themselves a girlfriend. Yes, I’ll be talking about multiple options and ‘only sex’ in the later blog posts. Right now, I want to address the need of those men who want to settle down and are looking for a great girlfriend.

Now, the question is whether the seduction model that you get from the other dating coaches applicable in the case of finding yourself a girlfriend. To be honest, I don’t think so. For one, the overwhelming number of dating coaches or PUAs out there along with their various approaches to the game makes it really hard to adjudge who’s the ONE. It must be remembered that whatever process he is teaching, it sure works for him but will it work for you too? Not sure, first of all. And if it works, will it work in your quest of finding yourself a girlfriend? Not sure again.

But yeah, what we can do is go deep into what she wants or what she might from you and then figure the information from the others’ game according to your convenience. And here’s a seduction model that I have created and I supremely endorse the thing would be invaluable in getting you a girlfriend.

The ‘Get Yourself a Girlfriend’ model is like this:

Approach -> Familiarity -> Sexual Tension -> Qualification -> Deep Rapport -> Sexual Escalation

Approach her DIRECT. When you approach her direct, you show confidence and dominance, and almost instantly bring a sexual tension into the interaction.

But if you start flirting with her pronto, she will be freaked out. You don’t want to come on too strong, do you? You want a relationship with her, so take it slow. She knows why you are there but she wants it to be at her control. Just make her feel safe and comfortable, when she opens herself up a bit. This is the stage you both do some introduction and make you familiar to each other.

Well, when you think she is quite open to you, you have turn ON the knob. You sprinkle in some ‘give her a hard time’ acts and if she is comfortable with that also, laughs or gives you a hit on the shoulder, you bring in the sexual tension. Just create the sexual atmosphere, that’s it. She wants to feel sexual with her man and unless you show your sexuality, there will be no charge in the interaction. It’s not the right time to go too strong on her, but yeah, a bit of hints thrown here and there, is great in creating that sexual vibe in the air.

But that’s just to bring in a break in the interaction. They are to make sure the interaction is going in the right direction. You don’t have to be in this stage forever. It just brings up the temperature and then you start to vibe with her.

But before establishing rapport with her, there’s a step that we are missing. In fact, that’s intertwined with the “deep rapport” building stage. You have got to give her reason why you are liking her. So,qualification is very important. You check her out and you like what you find out.

You create some rapport with her. The aim to establish DEEP RAPPORT with her consistently. Ask her questions about herself, her passions and express the real you. Have a nice good time with each other. She will feel a connection with you.

If she is trying to test you or any opposite resistance, you cannot use ball busting, teasing on her now, since you have come past that and showed that you are being REAL with her. So, the only way to tackle this is to show her that you are disqualifying her and just stop approving her. That’s it. She will come to you back again.

With some girls, the “attraction” phase needs to be kept on a higher note always, whereas with some girls, the “rapport” phase needs to be worked on. But it’s my personal experience, the girls who need more attraction than rapport, would not be open to commit to any steady relationship. You follow them, they flee away, and when you flee away, they follow them. In case of the other women, who want to be in a relationship, they are normally attracted to the initial sexual tension but they want to be in control of their decision and thus, take some time to establish deep rapport and enter into a relationship.

You cannot force rapport, just spend time with her and share information with each other. It will form over the time. Just give her some time. She already wants to know more about you. Time to Connect with her! How do you keep the sexual tension there during this phase? GO SEXUAL, through your body language, through some playful flirting moments, through compliments, through how much you INVEST IN HER. Genuine sexual interest in her keeps up the sexual tension and the sexual chemistry as well. If you wait too much, you might fall into the Friend Zone…eeks!

When the connection is high and you are really feeling in love with each other, just take your chance. Tell her how beautiful she is and how her eyes are a killer seducing weapon. Just tell her how good her hair smells or that her skin is so soft. LEAD to the close!


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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