There are various reasons why Paris is considered the romance capital of the world. For one, it is the location of the utterly mesmerizing Eiffel Tower which stands tall and proud in the city’s center like the Cupid of Engineering; it never fails to make visitors gush and fall in love.

Another reason is the fact that this city is populated by people speaking one of the most romantic language on the entire planet. And of course, who can forget the city’s world renowned culinary culture and tradition that can make couples feel like they are literally getting a taste of gastromic love with each mouthful. Indeed, Paris is home to some of the most romantic restaurants on the face of the Earth and one of these gastronomic havens may very well be your ideal location to pop the question and sweep your girlfriend off her feet.

So sit back and peruse the following options should you be considering a marriage proposal in the capital of love.

La Grande Cascade

This restaurant is located at the Belle Epoque pavilion at Bois de Boulogne Allée de Longchamp. This majestic glass and steel Paris structure dates back to the 1900s World Fair which gives the entire setting a rather romantic ambience. The La Grande Cascade kitchen is spearheaded by renowned chef Frederic Robert and is best known for his delicious and exotic entrees like the spider crab and sea urchins with coral cream and seafood gelee, poached quail eggs with truffles, shellfish in artichoke ragout, and langoustines. The rich flavors of these dishes are sure to captivate the hearts of foodies the world over. For more information and bookings visit


Located at the Shangri-La Hotel, in 10, av. d’Iéna, this Paris restaurant was named by Napoleon Bonaparte’s grandnephew – Prince Rolando Bonaparte. The establishment of this building was completed in 1892 and it took four years for the entire process to wrap up. Upon entering this restaurant, guests are treated to a revisiting of French history with its interior details such as the Pierre Yves-Rochon’s Staircase of Honour.

The restaurant setting is quite intimate with a rather small seating capacity hence it is truly apt for romantic evenings with your loved one. The enticing menu of L’Abeille is the result of Chef Philippe Labbe’s painstaking fusion of the modern and classic, as well as Asian and French cuisines. Dishes offered in this restaurant include such monikers as marinated sardines with sour anchovies, crab salad, and poached lobster in gooseberry wine sauce among others.

In short this really is Va Va Voom romance at it’s best! Check out the L’Abeille website for booking information:

Les Ambassadeurs

Located inside the Hotel de Crillon at 10, Place de la Concorde in the heart of Paris, this restaurant’s most sought after entrees include its vegetarian dishes, squab, pot-roasted foie gras, poularde, fish and lamb, breaded pig foot, and the popular Poularde de Landes or “fattened chicken.” Built in 1775 by Duke d’Aumont, this structure is a feast for the eye with its Baccarat crystal chandeliers, 25-foot decorated ceiling, and mirrors framed by multicolored marbles. The sumptuous dishes and extravagant architecture truly make this place one of the most romantic dining places in the city.

Le Coq de la Maison Blanche

This restaurant is found at 37, bd Jean-Jaurès 93400 Saint-Ouen France and boasts of a well-stuffed wine cellar to complement its utterly efficient kitchen. Some of the most popular dishes served here include Bourgogne and roast chicken. With its terrace setting, this Paris food and wine haven is truly a must visit for couples who wish to spend a quality night together. In fact many a young gentleman has taken to his knee and when you see the setting you will know why.

Le Grand Vefour

Found at 17, rue de Beaujolais Paris, this restaurant boasts sumptuous entrees like the almond milk flan, salmon terrine, and basil shortbread. Coupled with the fact that many famous historical figures have dined here in the past including Victor Hugo and you can see why this remains such a special romantic dining location.

Now that you are familiar with five of the French capital’s most romantic palate paradise, it is only fitting that you make it a point to visit one of these options once you are in the city for a romantic getaway. Indeed your experience of the city will not be complete if you do not allow yourself to indulge in the love-laden dishes and cuisines offered in these fine restaurants.

Alternatively continue to look through some of the other romantic restaurant options in Paris that I have listed on this site until you find one that satiates your personal tastes. The bottom-line is that once you find yourself in this romance city of choice, you should allow yourself to fall in love with the food, and even more so with your special companion.


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