Marriage is a sacred bond. It is a relationship that has been blessed by God himself. Two individuals come together, and their souls are bind with love, trust, and loyalty. Making a marriage work takes the effort, time, understanding, and most importantly love of both entities tied together in this sacred bond.

For establishing a stable marriage, a couple has to work through the tough times together, holding hands. But many couples find themselves stuck in the problems. They are unable to cope with marital problems, and their relationship meets its unfortunate end – the divorce!

How to recover from a divorce

Divorce is one of the worst stages of a woman’s life, and it has the potential to ruin them if not handled in the right manner. Healing from divorce takes time, and it is something that is not within anyone’s control. However, the time it takes depends upon the path of divorce recovery chosen!

Here are the most effective tips that can help divorced women cope with divorce effectively and recover from it quicker!

It is Okay to Mourn

When a woman stands on the aisle, in front of the man she loves and says, “I do,” she never thinks about divorce, no one does. For her, it’s a fairytale, and marriage is her happily ever after. But life is tough and divorce, in some case, is inevitable. It is a loss, and it is okay to accept it. A woman must grieve and let herself mourn. Keeping it all inside, and boxing it inside the heart makes the situation worse and makes recovering after divorce very difficult.

Do Not Skip the Stages of Divorce

Recovering from a divorce is a process. According to DivorceHelp, there are several stages through which an individual must go to heal the wounds of divorce. Women often skip the essential stages by keeping themselves busy. It leaves the healing process midway, which creates problems for them in the long run. Going through and experiencing all the stages of divorce recovery is essential. Denial, anger, bargaining, and depression are all the stages of recovery, which lead a woman to finally accepting her fate.

Working out the Feelings

A common coping mechanism of divorced women is to find distractions. Locking up their feelings and moving on with their life might put their mind off things temporarily, but it does not help. It further delays the healing process. The right approach is to give time and work through the lingering emotions of the failed marriage. Going to a therapist is one way a woman may work through her intense emotions and feelings. The locked and untouched feelings have the potential to pollute a woman’s entire life. Therefore, it is best to accept and face the feelings after a divorce.

Fall in Love with Yourself

According to Complete Case, after a divorce, the majority of women lose their self-esteem and feel self-rejection. It is a natural outcome of a divorce. The feeling of self-rejection has the power to eat up a person from within and lead them to drug abuse, and in worst cases, suicide. A woman must give herself time and try to rediscover who she used to be. A lot of married women give their hobbies and passions away for the sake of their relationship and most importantly, their family. One of the most important steps in the recovery process is to start doing what one loved and had to stop doing it because of their marriage.

Give it Time

Time heals all wounds. It is a phrase which holds the truth in its deepest depths. No matter how deep a wound is, it will heal with time. It is something all women need to understand. Recovering from divorce is not a matter of a few hours, day, or weeks. It takes months, and even years to recover from, as many would say a death blow. The bottom line is that women need to give themselves time. Time to heal and to stand up again to continue with their life. The key is to be patient!

Being Alone is not a Sin

Another essential thing to understand is that being alone is not a sin. By being alone, it does not mean becoming isolated and cutting off the connection with the world. To be alone means not to get coupled up or rush into an unwanted romantic relationship. There are millions of singles out there in the world, and the society does not look upon them with frowns on their faces. Single, like all others, are accepted by society. Women must look for people with the same interests, build friendships, and socialize. There is so much in life than marriage. There are many forms of love that a woman can find in her life!

Stretching the Dating Horizons

Women who do not like the idea of being alone, stretching their dating horizons is one of the many ways of divorce recovery. Rebounding is not what “stretching the dating horizon” means. It simply means that women must choose to date out of their comfort zone. It is completely okay for women to divert from their usual preferences. It helps in accelerating the healing process.

Never Say No to Help

Some women refuse to take any help after getting divorced. Be it their family, friends, or a professional; they do not accept any kind help. Sometimes getting help is all that it takes to recover from such a massive setback in life. Talking to someone, letting it all out is all that one needs to recover from a broken marriage. There is nothing wrong in taking help when one thinks she will not be able to go through it alone.

Forgive and Forget

Pondering over the memories of a broken marriage does not help in any way. Forgetting the love of life is not something easy. To forgive and forget may sound simple, but it is not. If a woman with a broken heart can forgive, she will eventually forget. It is one of the last stages of divorce recovery. Every woman, who goes through a divorce, must aim her tries towards forgiving their ex-life partners for whatever pain they caused. Not forgiving will only make a woman’s life difficult. A woman must, for the sake of her happiness and well-being, forgive and at least try to forget the horrors of her past marriage.

Open the Heart to Love

All women believe that if their marriage is over, it’s the end of the world for them. An important thing to always remember that it is not the end. It was just a bad dream, which is now over. Shutting down the heart for love only makes the healing process long and hurtful. A woman must not stop herself from falling in love. It is a beautiful feeling, and for a woman to deprive herself of it, is complete injustice. It is okay to give the heart a chance to love again.

Acceptance is the final stage of divorce recovery. There is always a light at the end of a tunnel, and acceptance is the key to it. Acceptance does not mean a woman will not have any feelings or memories about her bad marriage; it simply means that she has accepted the reality of her situation. It is what gives a divorced woman the power to live!

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” By ending a bad marriage, a woman gives herself a chance to live again! Understand that divorce is not the end; it is the start of a new life. It is, without doubts, a major obstacle in life but does not let it become a dead end. Struggle, let go, run, and find love again because life is too short to cry over a relationship which was not meant to be in the first place!


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