Log Flume wedding Proposal Proposing during a water ride in a log flume is the perfect way to propose marriage, but it does take some careful planning and thought in advance. Log water rides at most amusement parks always have a segment of the ride that is captured in a photograph. Traditionally, after the ride concludes, those who just exited the ride stand and wait to see the photo, and have the option to buy it if desired.

For those who would find planning and coordinating difficult, there is an easier version that only involves making sure you know in advance what part of the ride the photo is taken. Right before that point, a man presents the ring and a “will you marry me?” to his girlfriend, and her expression will be caught on film forever as they “take the plunge”.

But one of my regular readers, Josh, likes taking things to the extremes, and his proposal to Stephanie would prove no different. Josh wanted to surprise Stephanie with a wedding proposal that would be spelled out on the log flume picture taken during the ride, with Stephanie having no idea until she viewed the photo afterward.

He knew he had to minimize risk of things going wrong, so he immediately got to work on the perfect plan. His first step was to learn about the ride at their local amusement park, finding out when the photo would be taken during the ride and how many people could be seated in one log flume, which turned out to be 5.

This was going to take cooperation from friends to pull this off. He didn’t want to chance relying on water ride staff to implement his plan. All he needed was to ensure that a group of five, including Stephanie, would be available so they could have one log flume to themselves.

Josh also knew he needed Stephanie to be in the front seat, so she wouldn’t see the signs behind her spelling out “Will You Marry Me Stephanie, Love Josh” behind her. That could be tricky to guarantee, so he eliminated the problem by planning to have four of her girlfriends take her to the amusement park on her birthday. This way, they could demand a group photo and make the “birthday girl” sit in front, without raising any suspicion from Stephanie.

Josh would, of course, pay for the girlfriend’s tickets to the park as a thank you for their hard work. A month before the day came, he had them present their gift to Stephanie as a “girls day out” in celebrating Stephanie’s birthday, at no expense to her. She was excited to go, of course, so that took no convincing.

As the date drew near, Josh emailed the group who had all kept in touch up to that point. They were briefed on the ride once more, knowing when to pull out their signs. They had signs made up on foldable paper that could fit into their pockets.

They knew what order they would sit in on the ride, so the word order read correctly when the photo was taken. One of Stephanie’s girlfriends would text Josh when they stepped onto the log ride, giving him time to get into placement. Stephanie would be in the front seat so she wouldn’t notice anything going on behind her.

It worked like a charm. When the birthday girl got off of the ride, the girls all went to see their photo which they agreed they would all purchase a copy of, to remember their fun day together. To Stephanie’s surprise, her photo had Josh’s marriage proposal on it and she nearly fainted, according to her friends.

Right then, Josh appeared in a tuxedo, with roses, a ring and he got down on one knee to propose formally as well. Everyone cheered, even strangers, and they all spent the rest of the day celebrating at the amusement park – Josh and Stephanie inseparable on all of the rides.


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