Sometimes planning a special date is just as complicated as planning a proposal or other millestone event. Men often try to be romantic on an everyday basis but just don’t put the thought and effort into the whole process that it requires. For example, let’s say that both of you are just crazy about the Boss, Bruce Springsteen. You have just heard that he’s coming to your town, that tickets are going on sale, and you don’t want to miss him – you never know when it’ll be your last chance. So, you can simply buy the tickets, tell your lover about your purchase, and go to the show. Or you could make it a major date with the surprise-in-a-menu romantic gesture, and it’s sure to make a big impression. Here’s how to do it.

Choose the event
The first thing to do is to make some decisions. The example used here is for a Springsteen concert, but anything that you both love and is a rare event will do – just be sure to decide in time to get good seats for the exciting event, and to follow through with getting the tickets early. Once you have the tickets in hand (and make sure the event doesn’t conflict with any other plans on her calendar), you’ll need to decide on a restaurant for your surprise announcement.

Choose the restaurant
The best way to go is with a favorite place, because if you’re a regular you’ll find it easier to get cooperation. But usually a manager can be talked into a little romance for some good publicity or at least a good review on the Internet. Explain that you will have 2 very valuable tickets in an envelope that you will need to be delivered to the table in a menu. Of course you’ll trust the establishment not to lose theme, but emphasize the importance of keeping it hidden until it’s in her hands.

Choose the musician
Now comes the hard part: hiring a musician. The next part of the surprise plan involves having a musician serenade your love with a special song. In the case of our example, it of course should be your favorite Boss song, but you get the idea – pick something romantic but suitable. Then you’ll have to find a musician or group to deliver the goods. These days you can use the computer and free classifieds if you don’t know someone personally, but be sure to audition an unknown and make the song request clear – it can’t be just any old romantic serenade, after all.

Choose the delivery method
Now that all of th pieces are in place, think about that moment when the love of your life opens the menu, and out falls – what? Well, it could be just a couple of tickets in a little envelope, but why waste an opportunity for romance? Write a short handwritten love letter , telling her how much you love her and that you hope this gift will bring her pleasure. Put your note and the tickets in a fancy envelope and seal it with a kiss – or better yet, some sealing wax.

Dates like this one involve a lot of planning and and quite a few people. If it all goes without a hitch, you and your lover arrive at the restaurant on the appointed evening. Your waiter, who knows you are coming and what to do, seats you and brings the menus, making sure she gets the right one. She opens hers, and the love letter falls out. She gasps with delight and surprise and reads the note. As she is thanking you for a lovely gesture, a guy with a guitar strolls up to the table and plays your favorite Bruce song. She just can’t believe you went to all this trouble – and you still have the concert to go to! It’s a romantic surprise she’ll never forget, and her joy will make all your planning worth it.


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