Do you know that having optimistic thinking can help you a lot in your romantic life? Women tend to like optimistic guys better than those that are passive or pessimist. Actually, almost nobody likes being accompanied by a whiner who always complains about almost anything!

Have you ever met a guy who is always complaining, no matter how lucky he is that day? He might have just won one million dollar lottery. But instead of being happy and making plans on how to use the money wisely, he worries about every negative thing that he can imagine: “How if somebody kidnaps me for ransom?”, “Will my wife be willing to pay the ransom to save my life?”, “Or will she just let me be killed so that she can take all the money?”…. etc etc..

I believe everyone of us has ever met such person at least once. This world is full of them oops

How is it like to be around him, to talk with him? Is it fun? Is it enjoyable? I don’t think many of us could enjoy their company for long. (Too bad. If only there were more people who knew the power of positive thinking, this world would become a much better place to live).

But almost everyone will enjoy having conversation with an optimistic guy. A guy with optimistic thinking can always see the good side of every bad things that have happened. In spite of the darkest times he faces, he will always expect the best and view events and situations in a positive light.

Emotion Radiates

Emotion radiates. But not only that: it is also contagious. Our mood and emotion radiate to our surroundings. They can, and they will, affect people around us. If we are happy and positive, the atmosphere around us will also be lighter, bringing cheers and optimism to the people around us.

But if we are (always) gloomy, the atmosphere would be heavy, giving negative feelings to people around. That’s why people don’t like to be around a morose. So, can you see that having positive and optimistic thinking is essential? The power of positive thinking is really a mighty power that we should pursue if we want to a better quality life.

Moreover, research shows that people with optimistic thinking are happier, healthier and live longer. They are also more creative and perform better in handling changes. While others are frozen by stress, they are able to take control. This makes them ideal for leading positions. And their ability to cope with negativity makes them having higher job satisfaction, too.

Why Girls Like Optimists Better

Being an optimistic thinking man have many advantages. In fact, it plays a very important role in relation to successful dating.

Girls/women are emotional beings. More than men, they love being entertained (don’t get me wrong, they love to entertain, too). They love it when somebody or something can tickle them emotionally. That’s why most women love novels, dramas, romantic movies, gossips on tv etc.. All those can trigger their emotions for feeling happy, curious, surprised, sympathy, sad, fun and other kind of feelings.

Of all that kind of feelings, fun and happiness is the most people like. Everybody wants to live in happiness. Everybody likes having fun, including, and especially women.

If your presence can make the girl you have crush on fun, she will be more attracted to you. At least, she will enjoy your presence.

The other advantage of being an optimistic thinking guy beside its fun & happy aura is the self confidence he implicitly shows. Girls like confident men.

By being confident, you imply that you know what you are doing. It will make her feel safe. She will intuitively feel that you can lead. Because subconsciously every woman loves to be lead, you will get her respect.

In addition, your self confidence will also imply to her that you are not easily broken and you are the one that she can rely on when things get wrong. All those are the qualities women look for in a man.

You see, just by having optimistic thinking you can have at least five personality qualities that most women want in a man: leadership, confidence, fun, reliability and resiliency. So, let’s have it!

Let’s see what training and inner work that we must perform in order to have positive and optimistic thinking:

Respect yourself and always think positive of yourself
You might lack many things in many areas, but as the maxim says: “Nobody’s perfect”, everyone else has their own imperfections. So, focus on your advantage, on the things you know you are good at; and give your best to improve your quality.

Smile more
You might not be aware of it, but research shows that our smile not only gives good effects to the people we are in contact with, but also to ourselves. Try to smile more, and see it yourself how it makes you feel better.

In addition, most people will smile back to us if we smile to him/her, although maybe with a little awkward smile. However, it will give us warm feeling which in turn gives us way to have positive and optimistic thinking about ourselves.

Use positive words
Always use positive words in your dialogs, either with your own self (inner dialog) or with others. By using positive words as most as you can, you will indirectly push yourself to think in the positive way. Train yourself consistently to do this, and you will know the power of positive thinking soon enough!

Disregard any negative feeling and thought
For example, if you feel lazy when there is something you must do, disregard that feeling and immediately do whatever you have to do.

Replace any negative thought with positive one
If a negative thought enters your mind, replace it with a positive one once your realize it. Of course that negative thought will try again to enter your mind, but don’t let it take control.

Be persistent, and eventually your mind will be transformed to positive. Thus, you will experience the power of positive thinking soon.

Inner resistance
Many times you will feel inner resistance when replacing negative thought with positive one. Do not give up! Keep looking to the benefits of the good and happy thoughts!

Visualize favorable situations
Always visualize favorable and/or beneficial situation when you want to do anything. This will also help you to in your quest to have positive and optimistic thinking.

For example, when you want to approach a girl in a party, visualize in your head that she will welcome your introduction and that you both will have warm chit-chat. This will help you to act more confidently and thus give her good first impression.

If, however, she refuses to know you, don’t be discouraged. Always have positive and optimistic thinking about yourself: it’s not your loss, but it’s hers because she has just wasted a very rare chance to get to know a very promising guy! No, it’s not haughtiness. It’s about self-respect! Always have positive and optimistic thinking about your own self!

Repetition of affirmations
If there is something you want to achieve but you are still not sure about it, make a positive affirmation and say it to yourself repetitively. Do this to impress your subconscious mind and to trigger it into the desired action.

For example, you have to swim 10 rounds but you haven’t even tried it before. What should you do? Keep repeating in your mind “I can do it” when doing the 10 rounds swimming. This will give you “extra power” to overcome that challenge.

Creative Visualization
It works just like repetition of affirmations, but now instead of saying it, you visualize it in your mind. By visualizing rightly (deeply desired, well concentrated, well-defined, and often), you will attract it to become real in your life. The law of attraction will give a way to your mind power to bring it to reality.

Do those inner works and training consistently, and experience the power of positive thinking soon!


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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