You have created an account on a dating site but you don’t know how to write or what photos to post on your profile. It can be daunting sometimes when it comes to attracting men with a great profile buildup. I understand that, at some point, online dating can be intimidating. It really feels weird to meet someone online while being a girl, what will people say? Well, the scenario is not the same anymore. You have to admit the fact that it totally looks different now than before. Studies have found that 15% of American adults have found their life partners by utilizing a dating app. So, it would be great if you give it a chance as well. But, there is a problem. How to make a great profile that attracts men? What are the things that turn off men and I should avoid?

Right. Today we are here to demonstrate those important factors to look upon so that you avoid putting them on your dating profile. Excited? Let’s get started.

Silly Spelling Errors

Proofreading is a very important thing to focus on. Silly spelling mistakes can make a man turn off. Most of the dating site users make this mistake by not proofreading their profiles and leave the obvious spelling errors behind and anybody can catch them. Though it’s not a great deal, you should keep in mind that the first impression is the best impression. Those mistakes will definitely paint a picture of you that you don’t care much about it.

Group Photos

Group photos are not a good thing to post unless we are talking about a polyandrous dating site. Group photos leave the men trying to figure out which one is you from many of them. Nobody wants to fall into confusion on a dating site. Hence, you should only post the pictures encircling only you. We don’t like it when you post photos with a group of people, or with another guy, it doesn’t even matter if it’s your brother. Period.

Height Requirements

Chances are you may like tall guys. That’s understandable. But you wouldn’t be making an online dating profile if things had worked out with you and tall gentlemen, right? Isn’t internet dating expected to be an approach to meet new individuals and explore new chances? Why are you separating yourself in a corner by writing that you only want to talk to taller guys? It really makes you a little shallow and guys don’t want to see that.

Single Mom

Apologies, however, being a single parent is a deal breaker for a ton of folks. Try not to misunderstand me, it’s incredible that you’re open about that instead of attempting to shroud it until your tenth date with a person, however, it will be a non-starter for certain individuals.

Excessive Seriousness

Indeed, you’re a genuine individual who wouldn’t like to mess around and that is fine, however, dating should be fun and pleasant and your profile ought to mirror that. According to, folks get turned off by a dating profile that peruses like a term paper. At last, you’ll simply appear being excessively serious.

Going to Church as a Hobby

Religion doesn’t need to be a major issue, yet except if you’re on a religious dating site, no person needs to hear immediately that you truly love Jesus and you love to spend your Sunday morning at church. It’s not all that much, and you should make reference to your confidence on your first or second date, yet observing it in print on a dating site won’t urge a person to message you.

I love Guns

As a matter of first importance, it’s cool that you live guns. Most of the men will admire it. But, it’s not really necessary to put it on a dating profile. Sometimes it frightens some of the guys that they are going in a wrong way. It’s even worse when you upload a picture with a gun holding in your hand. It’s a bad thing for many guys; it will just stop them to contact you.

Money Obsession

It’s not like I’m calling you a gold digger, but sometimes an online dating profile brings a guy to questions. Everybody loves the finer things in life. Nobody wants an uncomfortable lifestyle. But, if you mention that you want a guy who is rich and has a lot of money, it’s a major turn off for them. No matter what subtle way you choose to mention it, we will hunt that down and move to another girl.

Plenty of Deal breakers

Its fine that you don’t like to date a drug addict or a chain smoker but also keep in mind that one thing doesn’t characterize a person. Just put less attention to your plenty of deal breakers and feel free to meet up with various types of people. You could at least talk to them before winding up the chance, right?

Must Love Pets

Please avoid bargaining like you and your pet are like a package. They aren’t children and it’s a major issue that presents you just like a single mom. Seeing somebody request on their dating profile that their next accomplice be a pet individual just implies they’ll generally cherish their pet more than the person in their life, which is something folks really don’t want to see.

Essay about Yourself

It’s sweet when someone says too little or too much about herself. People like to enjoy reading but it’s a bit clumsy and dull when you include paragraph after paragraph on your profile that gets a guy tired of reading. So, you should always keep things simple.

Having the right idea and attitude towards the dating app or site can make things really beautiful. You have to keep things simple and tidy just as mentioned above. Along with your flirting game, you can get to know as many guys as you want. Just don’t be cliché and complex that guys may find you complicated. May you get what your heart desires.


Anna Perkins is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. She loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband.

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