Romance has certainly evolved during the years. There’s many factors that go into having a fulfilling and satisfying relationship, and modern women are much more an integral and equal partner in heterosexual couples. Today’s woman has a lot more say in what she wants from her partner. Despite this, there’s still something to be said about using old fashioned romantic gestures when courting a partner, and many women still appreciate these methods. If you are trying to foster a romantic connection with a woman, try these old-fashioned tips.

Write Actual Love Letters

In a time of text messages, FaceTime, and online dating, the art of a handwritten love letter has fallen by the wayside. There was a time when a man had to put pen to paper to woo a girl, leaving a message that couldn’t easily be erased. In many cases, those love letters were kept and pulled out to re-read. While modern women enjoy getting texts and instant messages, many would be thrilled to receive a handwritten note declaring your feelings that they can keep as a memento of your relationship.

Consider the Fun of Eating In

There’s no rule that says you always have to take your date to a restaurant or bar. A cozy meal at home is much more intimate and memorable than another plate of nachos in the corner booth. There’s something incredibly romantic about a home-cooked meal; the time and thought that go into it is an easy way to show that you care. There’s a time and a place for taking your date to a fancy restaurant, but preparing a meal can demonstrate an equal or greater level of care. Low lights and candles set the mood for a romantic dinner for just the two of you to enjoy.

Make a Voice Connection

Neither you nor your love interest is likely to travel too far without your cell phones, but many dates have been ruined by pulling them out at the wrong time. It’s a natural tendency to pull out your device if the conversation stalls or you get nervous and don’t know what to say. Women love romance, and a romantic gesture you should add to your repertoire is to put your phones away throughout your date. That gives you the chance for a more personal connection, as neither of you will be distracted and you can focus on each other.

Bring Back Chivalry

Before you pull out your dictionary to figure out what chivalry really is, know that it simply refers to the little gestures that were once considered gentlemanly. That means holding the door open for your date, pulling her chair out for her, kissing her hand and walking arm in arm. Modern dating tends to move much faster on a physical level than it used to, but girls still like knowing that you’re in it for more than just the sexual part of your relationship and you can prove that by being chivalrous whenever you get the chance.

Bring Her Flowers

Bringing the girl you love a bouquet of flowers is hands down one of the most romantic gestures you can make. It tells her that you are thinking of her when you’re apart and that you want to give her something that makes her happy. If it’s been awhile since you stopped for roses or daisies, grab a bunch and put them in a vase to surprise your girl with. Her happiness will make you feel good too. You can also send a special bouquet from Juniper Flowers.

Make a Gift with Your Hands

With online shopping and megastores on every block, it’s so easy to simply choose and buy a gift at the store, but the thought and care that goes into making something for the woman you love is much more romantic. You don’t have to go over the top. Even a small gesture works well. Perhaps you could bake her some muffins or create a playlist on her favorite music app. Of course, some women also like gestures like helping with housework or taking care of other tasks.

Learn How to Dance

Maybe you don’t love dancing or aren’t very good at it, but your love interest may still enjoy getting out there and cutting a rug from time to time. With the rise in popularity of clubs, the kind of dancing you may be doing might not be all that romantic. Instead, consider finding a place to engage in romantic old fashioned dancing, such as swing or waltzing. Dancing gives you a chance to be close to each other and learning an old style of dance is something romantic that you can both enjoy.

Write a Love Song

Nothing says romance more than writing a song for the girl you love. In the old days, men were better about expressing their love through the written word, a skill that has fallen by the wayside with the rise in technology and the new ways of communicating with one another. Even if the song you come up with isn’t the next Billboard chart-topper, it still means something to her that you’ve taken the time to put your feelings into words. If you can’t sing, a poem is a great alternative.

Be Respectful

No one likes to feel like they aren’t being respected, so if you want a woman to stick around, treat her with the respect she deserves. This means connecting with her regularly, even if you aren’t together in person. It also means following through on the things you say you’re going to do, and maintaining your devotion to your relationship.

Don’t Skimp on the Compliments

Women love to hear nice things about themselves so make sure you shower her with compliments. Compliment her intelligence, creativity, cooking skills or whatever you love most about her. These words only take a few seconds to say, but they mean a lot and they’re a simple way to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

Romance is all about heightening the connection between you. It means you might have to make yourself more vulnerable or do things you don’t consider your natural behavior but it’s all just about giving nature and chemistry a helping hand.


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