Once you are done with all the dating frenzies and the one night stands, there comes a point when you finally feel like taking the ultimate plunge and begin with a long lasting love relationship. In fact every other person who is into a relationship right now must have gone through this phase of transformation when one switches from a floating life to a more emotional anchored relationship. Often while you are busy with your hectic dating schedules you suddenly come across a girl who seems to be great and beautiful and different from all the rest. This is when you decide that now it’s time to move beyond the dimensions of casual dating and start a serious relationship with her.

A relationship, rather a love relationship is one of the best things that can happen to you, only if you are with the right girl. On the other hand some of the unseen risks that a relationship entails are when you suddenly end up just dating one person and not feeling that emotional drives or urge after a period of time. This happens all the more commonly when you end up into as love relationship with not the right kind of a girl for you. So when considering starting a relationship you need to be rather careful. A healthy relationship is always enjoyable but relationship advice so goes that if by chance you get caught into a wrong relationship you must be honest and end it soon.

None of us want our love relationships to grow into normal day-to-day chores that we adhere to by habit without any excitement. On the contrary healthy relationships are those where two people come close to each other out of a bonding of love and enjoy memorable moments in each other’s company. If it is not like this, no love relationship is actually worth the effort or time.

Here are a few relationship advices that can help prevent your love relationship from attaining a clichéd status where it loses its charm and enigma leaving you trapped in it.

  • The first love advice to maintain a healthy relationship is to keep the things between both of you fun-filled and exciting. Boredom is one of the worst things that can happen in a love relationship. A love relationship is all about sharing some great moments together, moments that you remember and cherish for a lifetime. Hence to keep a healthy relationship you need to give it an ample amount of time and attention. No matter how hectic a work schedule you have, keep some time set aside every week when you spend some fun-filled moments with each other. Problems are common in all relationships but focusing on the negative issues is going to further erode the crevasse. On the contrary try to focus on the common interests you share and enjoy the times when things go great!
  • One of the most significant love advice and relationship advice ever is that, a relationship should always be an equal one. No one person should be the dominant one in case you look forward to a healthy love relationship. Both of you need to have respect for each other while you are in the love relationship. If this mutual respect is absent soon both of you will end up suffering from the dominant behavior of one which might make things turn sour. In your relationship neither should you try to control your partner nor should you accept her/him controlling on you. All healthy relationships feature an equal pedestal for both the partners. Or else in no time you will stop getting attracted to your partner as you take the other person to be inferior to you.
  • Finally, honesty lies at the root of all healthy relationships. If you want your love relationship to be a truly healthy relationship then both you and your partner have to be true with each other. One of the best ways of building a strong and long relationship is to be open and expressive about any problem you face in the relationship. In case any thing bothers you, without a delay talk it out with your partner and let her/him know how you are feeling. This way you will be able to build a very strong understanding with your partner. In the future this will help you to easily deal with and thereon eliminate minor problems that may arise in your love relationship. So never look at your relationship with a pessimistic attitude, it is all about staying happy with the other person. With a little bit of effort on both your ends, you will be able to create a very transparent relationship that will act as a source of emotional strength for both of you in the long run.

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