Can you feel your stomach sinking? There’s a good chance you are. Most couples either married or very much in love have found themselves wanting to officially change their relationship status from being single to being in a romantic relationship. The move has many perks, but it has some drawbacks too.Some couples really enjoy the control and security of moving in together. There’s also a chance that you want to be your partner’s support as much as possible. For both parties, the challenge can be deciding what the options are that will work best for you

Not to worry, so far as we know you’re perfect for each other, which is why you’re currently sitting around the dinner table. With the ever-increasing number of domestic partners, shared interests can be a definite advantage when trying to make your relationship work. Here are some tips you can use to set the stage for happy, healthy living.

Accept That You’ll Have Different Opinions
When you’re making such a huge commitment like creating your home with someone else, it’s vitally important you accept that you won’t agree on everything. Everyone has their own tastes and styles, and your partner’s idea of stylish might completely contradict yours. However, when you agree to live with someone else, this is a sacrifice that you both must make. Going into a huge commitment like this without considering your partner’s opinion will only result in high tensions and possibly even fights. You want to make sure that this experience is one that stays fun and exciting, so try not to be stubborn and work on compromising when it comes to design decisions.

In addition,instead of starting at square one, determine your strengths and areas for growth. Where are you as a couple, how do you feel about the people in your lives and how do you perceive your own place in the universe? If you’re content in your relationship, but have some long term issues, give them space and your time to work through them. Take some time away to enjoy life in whatever way suits you. Give yourself a break, let yourself live.

Agree on budget
Okay, so you guys have some money saved up. Yay! But which of your budgets is going to allow you to buy /rent a home together? Your budgets might need to be different, or you might need to adjust your plan based on how much money you have saved up over the course of your relationship.

Even if you don’t feel comfortable sharing finances, it is important that you at least agree on a certain baseline. Even if you are only sharing the occasional night out, consider having a shared budget to help you get to know your relationships.

Personalize the Space to You as a Couple
Don’t forget that you are creating this space not only to share to together, but also to celebrate your love for one another. This is an important aspect of moving in with your partner, so make sure that you carry this over into your home design! Fill your space with things that you both love or have created together, such as photographs of your favorite vacations, paintings you have created together, or simply shared interests. For example, if your relationship started with a shared interest in the cinema, try decorating your space with you and your partner’s favorite movie posters to not only decorate but celebrate how your love began.

Find a Bed You Both Like
Now you’re going to be living with someone, you need to realize that you’ll no longer be sleeping on your own, so you’ll want to incorporate this into your design plans. The most important thing to consider when choosing a shared bed is the size that you need. If you and your partner prefer to spread out in bed or simply like some extra room (especially for hot nights!) you need to ensure that you choose a wide enough mattress, like a queen sized mattress. As well as this, it’s important you realize that both you and your partner may require a different kind of mattress, such as firm or soft, to be able to get a good night’s sleep, so make sure that you consider this and always try out mattresses before you buy.

Don’t depend on money or property to make your relationship work.
You’ve already established a routine. If something is unclear or needs addressing, negotiate and establish clear goals for the day and deal with them. People are more honest and less likely to start a fire if they know the stakes, understand the benefit, and know how to resolve things at home. So while I had my first relationship with my now-wife, I realized that I was more open and honest about our needs and wants—and I made her mine.If you don’t already have an emotional investment in your relationship, you’re still likely to feel insecure, angry, and protective.

Try Gender Neutral Colors
The color scheme is one of the most important aspects to a home as it can completely set the mood that you will convey when you step into a room, and can also heavily influence the furniture choices that you have to make. That being said, when you’re creating your home with your significant other, you need to make sure that the color choices aren’t overly feminine or masculine. This can not only make your partner feel unhappy that their preference was not considered, but also make them feel like the space isn’t equally shared and is purely yours rather than belonging to both of you. Try out some gender neutral color schemes for the best of both worlds whilst creating a stylish home.

Get your Priorities right
When you’re talking about couples who’re still in the learning stages, you want to make sure that everyone’s priorities are in line and that their needs are being met. Some women may be more able to handle sharing their home with someone else, and that’s great. However, there are other people who may be better suited to a shared space.

Moving in with your partner and buying your first home can be very difficult due to clashing opinions, but there are ways in which you can get around these issues. Don’t let your differences divide you and ruin the fun experience; try out some of the above four tips for creating your home as a couple.


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